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In this section we explore the best men’s haircuts for black men.

It is not an easy task for a black man to choose a suitable haircut when he gets to the salon. He had to consider the shape of his head and the haircut that will suit him.

In addition, there are so many latest haircuts to choose from to stay trending. The kind of haircut for black men are most likely low or high fade haircut with short style on top. There are so many trendy haircuts for black men, that it is becoming more difficult to choose a haircut. We have a low haircut, faded haircut with a little style on top, waves and so on.

So we are going to provide you with the trendiest haircuts for black men, that you can use as a reference when going for a haircut.

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Best Black Men Haircut

You will find these haircuts trendy and easy, they range from high haircut to high and low fades, wavy and low haircut.

The High Top Fade

You can opt for a more classic black men haircut with the High Top Fade. This haircut was popular in the 90s, but it’s making waves and being trendy now. The high top fade can also be referred to as box haircut with its rectangular shape.

The High Top Fade usually has a low fade below close to the neck with little hair at the side. The top hair then takes a more rectangular high shape with fade. It usually takes in a box shape with shape edges and properly trimmed at the top.

The height of the top will depend on the individual as some prefer it much higher while some likes it lower. There are different ways you can shape the top of your hair as seen in the pictures. The way the top of the hair is shaped will depend on the individual style and preferences.

Afro Fade

Afro fade - men's haircutsThis is bit different from the box fade or high top fade, for the high top is left more natural and messier. The Afro Fade involves a little fade on the side and back or can be left bald, with a high top of about three inches at the top.

The Afro Fade requires less maintenance than the high top fade as you can leave it curly or in whatever way you like.

Short Part With Fade
Short part with fade black men haircuts

The Short Part with Fade is a much popular haircut for black men and it is much easier to achieve. It requires a little fade at the sides and you can pull off this haircut if you have a short or much hair. You just have your barber create a sharp part on any side of the hair.

This haircut is easy to maintain and it is very much popular and trendy among black men.

Line Up

Line up black men haircutsThe Line Up is the perfect haircut for those that want to accentuate their face structure and add much style to your hair. The Line Up gives a clean, sharp hairline and gives a boxy sharp to your hairline.

The Line Up sharps your face and your forehead and you can have this haircut with a low of high style with faded edges. You should have a clipper in hand if you want to rock this hairstyle to keep it sharp as the edges grow up really fast.

Waves haircut for black men

The Waves require much work to pull, so your barber may not be happy if you require the style. The wave is a divisive hairstyle for black men and you will need a certain thickness of hair to pull this off.

You will require much to maintain this hairstyle and keep it wavy, especially special cream to keep the wave and make the hair shine. You should consult with your barber if your hair type can take a wave and you should know what it takes to maintain this hairstyle.

Curls With Fades
Curls with fade black men haircuts

This hairstyle is common in men and it is much more similar to the high top fade except that the top will be curly or left curvy. In observing this hairstyle type, you will notice that there is a contrast between the faded corner and the messy and curly hair top.

It is much easier to maintain as you can leave the top curly or messy, as you may not require trimming it like other haircut.

Buzz Cut
Buzz cut black men haircuts

The Buzz Cut is an easier cut to maintain and it is common among black men who just want to have an easy hairdo without much concern for maintaining your hair. It is the perfect haircut for black men who want to keep it simple, for those that go to work and do not have time to maintain their haircut.

It is also perfect for sports men who require something simple that will not hinder their activities. This haircut is so easy that you can pull it off on your own with your clipper.


FroHawk is the perfect haircut for men to showcase their natural hair with curly or ringlet hair and bald or little fade at the side. This is a classy and eye-catching haircut and the top is much high and extends toward the back of your hairline from front to back.

Twist With Fade
Twists with fade black men haircuts

This is a new variation of a twist as fade had been added to the hairstyle. The Twists with Fade is becoming more popular among black men and it is way more stylish. If you want to achieve this haircut, you will need at least 2 to 3 inches of top hair and you can have a light fade or leave it bald on the side.