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man with a temple fade
If you want to try out fade haircuts without making a big change to your hair, try the Temple Fade. This haircut is also known as the Brooklyn fade or the Blow out. This style allows your hair to have very cool details regardless of your hair type. However, we...

In this section of men’s haircuts we explore the best Fade Haircuts.

One of the most basic and fashionable ways to add texture to a hairstyle is by giving it a fade cut. This old-school method has been used to properly taper hair on men for a very long time. That said, it can be hard to differentiate between the looks as the fade cut grows in popularity.
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Best Fade Haircuts

Check out this list of great fade haircuts for guys.

Taper Fade

Long Fringe Quiff + Taper Fade - Men's Haircuts

The Taper Fade is a low maintenance haircut, it is also one of the most popular fade cuts because of its subtlety. This basic fade slowly tapers the hair towards the neck. This timeless appearance can be used for all kinds of guys. It should be kept longer for a more distinguished look. For a bolder appearance, taper down to a zero grade.

Skin Fade

Buzz Cut + Skin Fade - Men's Haircuts

A Skin Fade haircut resembles the taper fade in the sense that your hair is reduced in length the further down your head it goes. Unlike the taper fade, the hair is gets shaved down to your skin. A short sides-and-back fade is ideal if you desire a gap between your beard and hair.

Your facial hair should match the length of the hair on your head to level out the appearance. If you are partial to a longer beard, trim it sharp and straight around your face for a clean-cut look.

Skin Fade Undercut

Skin Fade - Men's haircuts

With regards to fade haircuts for men, a Skin Fade and an Undercut are identical. With that, the grade shortage rate is abrupt, producing an undercut look. This style is ideal if you wish to have longer hair slicked back on top.

High Fade Haircut

Side Part Comb Over + High Skin Fade - Men's Haircuts

As the name implies, the High Fade goes up highest on your head. Similar to the undercut look; the hair gets shorter at a much quicker pace down the side. This is a great look if you wish to emphasize the hair top of your head, for instance, like a French crop.

Mid Fade Haircut

Quiff + Mid Fade - Men's Haircuts

A Medium Fade (or Mid Fade) begins in the middle of the head and is made with clippers. Although the fade isn’t as gradual as the tapered look, it is softer in comparison to the skin fade; ideal for guys going for a modern appearance. It’s a great base style if you wish to modify things with a pompadour or quiff. If your hair is curly and thick, having hair on top won’t be an issue. For those with straight, finer hair, it’s prudent to maintain a neat and short style, similar to the skin fade.

Low Fade Haircuts

Brushed Back + Low Skin Fade - Men's Haircuts

A Low Fade resembles the mid-fade, but it begins further down the head. It’s ideal for guys who are looking for a more rugged and rough appearance since they will have more side texture. The low fade is perfect if you wish to maintain long hair on top, as the hair will be thicker on the sides and back. Great for men with long beards, as it’s simpler to blend it with your facial hair.

Bald Fade

High Blurry Fade - Men's Haircuts

The Bald Fade is ideal if you have very short hair, or if you are going for a buzz-cut appearance. While shaving your head is an option to achieve that same length, having the back and sides faded is an optimal approach to adding some detail to the top of your head.
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Temple Fade

Spiky Hair + Temple Fade - Men's Haircuts

The Temple Fade (or Temp Fade) was a big look in the 90s, made popular by the Fresh Prince himself, Will Smith. It is a great look for guys with tight curly hair or afros. It begins as a low or mid-fade before tapering off close to the temples. Sharp lines are made with clippers. It warrants a proper barber to achieve this appearance – this is not a DIY job.

Scissor Fade

Scissor FadeA Scissor Fade might be more up your alley if you don’t care for a shaved fade look. Your hair remains longer at the sides but retains the tapered, faded look. For a more textured appearance, this is the way to go.

Side Part Fade Haircut

Side Part Comb Over + High Skin Fade - Men's Haircuts

The Side Part is a contemporary appearance with a modern look when you mix it with a fade of your choosing. Part the hair with a comb when it’s damp or wet. Use pomade or a small amount of wax to make your hair stay in place upon achieving the desired appearance. A hairdryer can come in handy when crafting this style.

Pompadour Fade

Pompadour Fade - Men's Haircuts

Popular since the 1950s, the Pompadour is a traditional hairstyle for men. Mixing a fade with a pompadour gives this iconic appearance a modern flair. Using pomade to enhance the wet-look is more prudent than developing the slick, formal look, which is better suited for a pompadour.

Fauxhawk Fade
FauxHawk Fade - Men's Haircuts

The most daring and special hairstyle you can get is the FauxHawk Fade. While you might have tried out different mohawk styles in your younger days, you likely didn’t think about going with this appearance before. Keep growing the hair on the top of your head while retaining the shortness on the sides. To create the faux-hawk look with texture, use clay or a similar drier product.