Bald Fade

Trendy and contemporary, the Bald Fade haircut has surged in popularity as of late.
Sometimes called the zero fade or skin fade haircut, this stylish haircut for men comes in numerous forms, such as the mid, low, and high. As such, men can mix the cut with a quiff, side part, pompadour, comb-over, or faux hawk for an awesome look.

With a traditional long top and all-around shaved sides, the skin fade haircut is simple for your barber to craft and warrants little-to-no maintenance. The differences between the faded sides and top are what defines the men’s bald fade. More information about the bald taper fade hairstyle can be found here!

About the Bald Fade HaircutBald Fade - Men's Haircuts

The Bald Fade cut is comprised of long hair on the head’s top, which gets progressively shorter the closer it gets to the neck. The ‘fade’ effect is shown by the gradual shorter length of hair, which emphasizes the top. The skin fade resembles favorites like the pompadour or the undercut. Rather than getting an ongoing, regular length of hair all around the head, the skin fade haircut adds more distinction with a sleek, all-around fade towards the neck.

Bald fade variations are mostly comprised of where the taper begins, along with the numerous hair lengths, both around the sides and on top. You can get a more sophisticated look with a mid-to-high skin fade, which looks more practical and sporty. Several hairstyles that include the skin fade also use tactics like the disconnect to emphasize the haircut and make it bolder.

Getting a Bald Fade
Bald Fade - Men's Haircuts

A quality barber can give you a skin fade haircut easily. The technical aspect of the process is the progressive side buzzing with a hair clipper. As such, having a skilled barber and a concept of how you want it to look will be beneficial.

Consider how fast the fade will be – mid, low, or high. Don’t forget, at the end of the taper, you’ll have shaved hair. Show a picture of the type of bald fade you’re going for to your barber to get a spot-on style like it.
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Styling a Bald Fade
Bald Fade - Men's Haircuts

The skin fade is a very cool hairstyle for men these days, and the look can be enhanced by styling it.
While the bald fade haircut itself won’t be styled, several hairstyles complement the cut. For instance, a voluminous quiff can give a natural retro look to the cut, while an edgy and sharp look can be attained with a slicked-back skin fade. Personal taste will establish what appearance you go for, but the bald fade is adaptable enough to wear in multiple ways.

Side Part Bald Fade

Side Part Bald Fade - Men's Haircuts

For a basic, yet traditional, refined appearance, the side part skin fade is an ideal option.
You simply require a comb and some mild product with hold like wax, pomade, or putty. You can use a hairdryer to blow-dry your hair to the side to add more volume and hold.

When styling the side part fade, begin with washed, towel-dried hair. Add the product to your hair and comb it for even distribution. Afterward, locate the natural part in your hair and comb through it, creating the separation by combing one side over. Last but not least, comb each side over before adding more waves or styling for the final touch.

Faded Pompadour

Fade d Pompadour - Men's Haircuts

If you’ve got moderately long hair on top, the pompadour skin fade is an ideal choice. Your hair will appear thick and voluminous by adding height to the hair’s front.

For a faded pompadour style, towel-dry your hair until damp. Apply some pomade between your hands to warm it up before rubbing it through your hair evenly. Afterward, blow-dry your hair as you comb it up and back through the front. For a contemporary pompadour, style the details with your fingers or a comb.

Skin Fade Quiff

Skin Fade Quiff - Mens Haircuts

Like the pompadour style, the quiff is a wonderful style for men who wear it.
Prior to executing the style, you’ll need 2 to 3 inches of hair minimally, since the hair’s length is what adds height to the quiff.

The skin fade quiff is styled like the pompadour. Rather than utilizing a comb, consider using a brittle brush to add more volume and texture to your hair. You might have to use pomade with a strong hold to maintain the quiff’s height for a lengthy duration, but as long as it’s maintained daily, it will remain erect.

Slicked Back + Bald Fade

Slicked Back + Bald Fade - Men's Haircuts

A slicked back fade is both a casual and stylish look. The slicked-back high skin fade can look easy-going or formal with some basic styling.

Styling the slicked back fade haircut is simple. All you need is a comb and some pomade. Just comb your hair all the way back before applying some product to maintain the style. You can use your fingers or a bristle brush to interrupt the comb strokes for a more textured look. That said, maintaining its cleanliness will make it look just as trendy.
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Greatest Bald Fade Haircuts

You’ll see kin fade styles everywhere. Most models and celebrities have had the cut at some point in their lives, which makes the skin fade trendy for men. Viewing photos of bald faded hairstyles can aid you in choosing the best look for your head. Have a look at our variety of low vs. mid skin vs. high fade haircuts to figure out which style is ideal for you. Don’t forget to bookmark or save the photo so you can show it to your barber first

Textured Pompadour + Color + Hard Part

Textured Pompadour + Color + Hard Part - Men's Haircuts

This haircut is more appropriate for a bald face. It has the ability to highlight the facial features in a unique manner. The unique texture of hair is impressive as well.

Crop + Bald Fade

Crop + Bald Fade - Men's Haircuts

This bald fade haircut can be recommended for the individuals who are looking forward to enhance the facial features along with a thick beard on the face.

Slicked Back + Bald Fade

Slicked Back + Bald Fade - Men's Haircuts

If you are a person who has a tattoo on the sides of your head and if you want to enhance the appearance of it, you are encouraged to go forward with the Slicked Back + Bald Fade haircut.

Quiff + High Bald Fade

Quiff + High Bald Fade - Men's Haircuts

This haircut offers a high bald fade look and feel to a person. If you are interested in achieving a traditional looking bald fade haircut, you are encouraged to try out Quiff + High Bald Fade haircut.

Comb Over + Hard Part

Comb Over + Hard Part - Men's Haircuts

This haircut is more appropriate for the little ones who are looking forward to make their hair look great. It can also enhance the facial features in an interesting manner.

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Long Hair + Pompadour

Long Hair + Pompadour - Men's Haircuts

Any person who is willing to have a bald haircut while keeping long hair can think about trying out the Long Hair + Pompadour cut. It can enhance the curls of hair in an effective manner as well.

Buzz Cut + High Bald Fade

Buzz Cut + High Fade - Men's Haircuts

People who want to keep their hair short as much as possible while getting a bald look will be able to try out Buzz Cut + High Bald Fade haircut. It can blend perfectly well along with the beard as well.

Top Knot + Low Skin Fade

 Top Knot + Low Skin Fade - Men's Haircuts

This is another great haircut available for the individuals who want to make the hair blend with a thick and a solid looking beard.

Quiff + V Bald Fade

Quiff + V Bald Fade - Men's Haircuts

The Quiff + V Bald Fade haircut delivers a v shaped look at the back of the head. In addition, it can improve the facial features in an interesting manner as well.

Undercut Pompadour + Design

Undercut Pompadour + Design - Men's Haircuts

This haircut focuses more on highlighting the rich facial features while delivering a unique look and feel to hair.

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