High Top Fade - Men's haircuts
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Sometimes spelled as “hi-top fade,” the high top fade is a beloved haircut for men that’s easy to recognize.
As a trendy haircut for black men in the 1980s and 1990s, this hairstyle was the go-to look for many artists in the hip-hop scene. Since the high top fade is still a sought-after haircut among African-Americans, you might find several modern takes on the style, which includes high top dreads and curly high top fades. If you have an afro, curly hair, or twists, keep reading to see how a high top fade haircut can be cut and maintained.

About the High Top Fade Haircut
High Top Fade Haircut

While most people aren’t able to distinguish between a Flat Top Haircut and high top fade, each style is unique. Technically speaking, the flat top haircut is a variation of the high top fade, which involves any style where the hair on top is and the sides are cut short.

Versatility is the highlight of a high top fade. If you have curly or straight hair, the style is effective. For instance, the high top with curls (aka the curly top fade) will leave your curly hair long on top, while the sides will feature a high skin fade. Likewise, black males with twists, dreads, or afros, can also ask for this style from their barber.

The high top style complements hair designs perfectly, letting men personalize their haircuts to fit their character.

How a High Top Fade is Cut

High Top Fade - Men's haircutsWhen cutting a high top fade, we encourage you to locate a barbershop that is very used to cutting that style. Since the haircut warrants a skilled barber with attention to detail and a flair for style, ensure you feel comfortable with the individual before asking for this style. Consider bringing in a picture of the style you’re going for as a visual aid!
The high top fade should have clipped short hair on the back and sides (made with clippers at a #1 to #4 guard size). A high skin fade will emphasize the contrast between the hair on the top and sides, allowing you to look your best.
With regards to the top, ensure you have a few inches of hair to work with; how short or long your high top is your prerogative. The remainder is contingent on the kind of hair on top you have, and how you want it styled. Several males can consider blowing out their afro or slanting their hair.

You’ll have to figure out how to keep the high top maintained so that the style remains neat (unless you intend to visit your barber every month).

Greatest Styles for High Top Fade Haircuts

If you want the High Top Fade, have a look at our gallery of the hottest high top hairstyles. You’ll be inspired by various designs for all kinds of hair types!

High Top Fade + Side Part

High Top Fade + Side Part - Men's haircuts

A guy with a bit of curly hair can try out this high top fade haircut. If you believe that high top cuts are not possible with curly hair, this would prove you wrong.

High Top + Hi-Lo Fade

High Top + Hi-Lo Fade - Men's haircuts

This is another high top haircut available for the individuals who have curly hair. However, a high and low fade has been introduced to the haircut to make it look great.

High Top + Color

High Top + Color - Men's haircuts

This is a unique and a one of a kind haircut available for the guys to get. That’s because the high top of the haircut has been introduced to an outstanding color.

Sponge Twists + Low Skin Fade

Sponge Twists + Low Skin Fade - Men's haircuts

A guy who prefers to make the hair look like a sponge will be able to try out this unique haircut and it will definitely impress you.

Curls + Colors + High Skin Fade

Curls + Colors + High Skin Fade - Men's haircuts

Curly hair can easily be mapped to colors and high skin fade. BY taking a look at this haircut, you will be able to get a clear understanding about it.

Twists Sponges + Taper Fade

High Top + Long Twists - Men's haircuts

The twists sponges’ haircut is more appropriate for the individuals who are looking for a convenient method to enhance the look of spongy hair.

Tall High Top Fade

Tall High Top Fade - Men's haircuts

This is an old fashioned high top haircut available to try out. However, it has made a comeback and a lot of guys are interested in trying it out.

High Top + Hard Parts

High Top + Hard Parts - Men's haircuts

This is a new addition to the traditional high cut haircuts that you will be able to find out there in the world.

High Top + Dreads

High Top + Dreads - Men's haircuts

How would a high top haircut look when it is combined along with dreads? You can get an idea about it by taking a look at this haircut.

Box Fade HaircutHigh Top Fade - Men's haircuts

This high top haircut is paired along with a box tape. There is a fade, which makes the haircut blend with skin of a person.

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