Comb Over Haircut

The Comb Over Haircut is one of the trendiest haircuts for men today, most men have – at some point – noticed the comb-over and all the versions of it.
Comb-over hairstyles are some of the greatest traditional classic styles for guys, and it goes well with all hair lengths and textures. Popular and stylish, the modern comb-over for men has become ubiquitous in popular barbershops worldwide. Although there are various comb-over types to choose from, such as the comb-over undercut, side part, and comb-over fade, the idea of pushing your hair to the side is common throughout them all.

Regardless of what type of hair you have, how old you are, or how your face is shaped, comb-over styles are great looking and simple to get.
This article will talk about the greatest men’s comb-overs, how to style and cut them, and examples of the cut with long and short hair.

About the Comb-Over Haircut
Comb-Over Haircut

The comb-over is very adaptable. It can be coupled with an undercut or fade on the sides. The high fade comb-over and undercut are high-contrast variations that you’ll see on many hipsters. That said, you can seek out a look that might be more suitable for work, such as a low fade comb-over.

If you want to preserve the length of the hair on top of your head, just comb your hair to a single side after accentuating the hard part line. Some men might even wish to add spikes or volume. You’re not limited with regards to hair length, since guys can opt for a short or long comb-over. For this renowned look, 2 to 5 inches of hair should be sufficient.

Overall, our top pick is the comb-over fade – low, high, tapered, or skin. Whatever comb-over haircut you opt for should look wonderful, since the hairstyle is beloved for its ability and asymmetry to go hand-in-hand with your natural hair texture.

Greatest Comb-Over Haircuts for Men
Comb-Over Haircut

With several types of comb-over haircuts to pick from, it’s vital that men comprehend the mild distinctions between them. Likewise, the adaptability of the modern men’s comb-over allows the wearer to style any of them. Whether you’re partial to a line-up, a hard part, shaved sides, or want to grow a beard, this amazing style and cut can complement any look you’re going for.

Comb Over Fade
Comb-Over Haircut

The comb-over fade mixes the traditional side-swept look with substantially short hair on the sides. The fade features tapered hair closer to the neck, so your hair becomes progressively shorter down your back and sides.
The approach produces a high-contrast appearance that looks fresh, particularly when mixed with a timeless and smooth haircut like the comb-over.

The sides are trimmed short and faded away from the top’s longer hair for faded comb-overs. This produces an impressive texture contrast.

High and Low Fade Comb-Over
Comb-Over Haircut

The fade haircut permits men to customize the cut for the sake of accommodating their own styles. For instance, a high fade is a bolder appearance, while a low fade is subtle and only warrants work around the edges of your ears and neck. For something in between, an ideal choice is a medium fade.

That there are several kinds of fades. Men can consult their barber for a bald or skin fade that directly merges with the skin, or perhaps a shave-side razor fade. These days, some men are going with the comb-over with shaved sides as part of a “long top, short hair” look.

The distinction between the longer hair on top and the short sides makes the style popular and cool, although the hairstyle is combed to a single side in a traditional comb-over iteration. With this kind of comb-over, the part typically is seen on the undercut’s edge.

Likewise, a barber can shave a solid hard part into your scalp, producing a side part that is more pronounced. The hairstyle remains a true comb-over in doing so.

Traditional Comb Over

Classic Comb over - Men's Haircuts

The traditional comb-over side part displays hair on the sides and top with the same length. As a trendy short haircut for men, the traditional variation warrants a tapered cut on the back and sides, usually accomplished with sheers. This maintains the progression between the top and sides, with sheer-cut sides of approximately 1.5 inches long gradually tapering in the neck’s direction.

The style comes across as a 1950’s haircut for gentlemen, but without the class and sophistication. To request this haircut, just say “traditional comb-over style” to your barber.

Short Comb Over

For a versatile, simple version of the comb-over, choosing a shorter haircut is a wise choice. Guys adore the short comb-over since it’s fast to style and is reminiscent of the hipster look. Like the traditional comb-over, the progression between the sides and top is not as bold or pronounced as other versions.

The majority of the hair on your head will be cut to approximately 2 inches long, with some moderate tapering at the sides and back of your head. The benefit of the short length allows you to modify your hairstyle to a crew cut or textured crop cut anytime.

Long Comb Over

Long Comb Over

The long hair comb-over maintains the appearance of short back and sides with an undercut or fade, but keeps the hair on top longer or at medium-length. The long comb-over hairstyle is ideal for guys with wavy, thick, or curly hair. Also, the additional length on top permits men to style several other trendy looks, such as the Pompadour, Quiff, or Faux hawk.

Overall, this hairstyle for longer hair is suitable for displaying its natural texture. The long comb over can be styled with anything more than 4 inches on top. You’ll need wax or pomade for layers and shaping.

When you have a quality product, it is easy to style a comb-over with long hair!

Comb-Over Styling

Comb Over Styling

Styling a comb-over is simple. As opposed to other haircuts like the pompadour or quiff that warrants effort and time, it only takes 5 minutes to accomplish a comb-over style. The side part comb-over only needs some practice to perfect the parting process.

To begin, you will require a comb and some product – perhaps wax, pomade, or putty. If you have thin hair, use a fine-tooth comb for optimal control. Use a medium-comb or brush if your hair is thick. These directions simplify the process for you and make your comb-over look sleek and neat.

Creating the Comb-Over

Follow these instructions for a comb-over and hair part :

  1. Begin by adding a hair styling product. If you’re using wax or pomade, before using, warm it up by rubbing the product between your hands.
  2. Even out the product through your hair. For a tidy comb-over, refrain from over-tousling your hair. Alternatively, you can lift while spreading out the product for a voluminous comb-over.
  3. Choose a part line after combing your hair forward. It’s optimal if your part is where your hair falls naturally, which will perfect the style. Push the hair to the side of your head by parting it away from the line.
  4. Comb the product through that portion of your hair, moving the comb right to the side.
  5. For a unique appearance, comb diagonally back rather than right to the side. For more volume in the hairstyle, the front of your hair should be brushed up. A messy appearance can be produced by mildly dividing hair strands with your fingers. Granted, most guys opt for a sleek appearance.

Don’t forget, side part styling might warrant some practice initially, but with the proper product and approach, those new to the cut can perform the comb-over as efficiently as a barber.

Requesting a Comb-Over Haircut

Comb Over

All qualified barbers understand how to cut a comb-over. That said, the term covers a broad selection of hairstyles for men, so just asking for the comb-over won’t be sufficient. The more precise you can be regarding the kind of comb-over and how you want it styled, the better the final cut will be.

Figuring out a few aspects prior to visiting your barber will ensure that your directions are understood and that the cut you get is the one you wanted.

What to Say to Your Barber

First, you can begin by informing your barber that you want your hair parted on the side. The part line is the middle element of a comb-over. Choose where you want your hair to part, and if you want your barber to give you a hard part.

Afterward, decide if you want an undercut or a fade on the sides. You can request a comb-over fade and then choose how low or high the fade will be. Hair faded down the skin, sometimes called the bald fade, can provide plenty of contrast for a stunning appearance. However, there are other kinds of fades to think about, too.

When that is done, you’ll need to inform your barber about how short or long the hair on top will be. Consider how you wish to have the comb-over styled. If you have volume at the cut’s front, your barber will have to leave a portion of your hair alone. Alternatively, if you wish to minimize your styling time, opting for a shorter look will accommodate your tastes.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask your barber for suggestions. As hair experts for men, they can advise what will look great for your hairstyle and type, along with what won’t.

Greatest Men’s Comb-Over Hairstyles

The men’s comb over has several variations. You can opt for a short or long look, tapered or faded sides, and part your hair where you think it will look best. The greatest aspect of a comb-over style is that, while the traditional look is something any guy can pull off, modern variations of the cut can be customized for your hair length and type. For more recommendations, have a look at these approaches to wearing a comb-over haircut.

Long Comb Over

Long Comb Over - Men's Haircuts

Short Comb Over + Side Part + Skin Fade

Short Comb Over + Side Part + Skin Fade - Men's Haircuts

Comb Over + Side part

Comb Over + Side part - Men's Haircuts

Comb Over + Textured Pompadour

Comb Over + Textured Pompadour - Men's Haircuts

Creative Comb Over

Creative Comb Over - Men's Haircuts

Comb Over + Side part

Comb Over + Side part - Men's Haircuts

Comb Over Pompadour + Side part + Blurry Fade

Comb Over Pompadour + Side part + Blurry Fade - Men's Haircuts

Long Comb Over + Low Fade

Long Comb Over + Low Fade - Men's Haircuts

Short Comb Over + Side Part + Bald Fade

Short Comb Over + Side Part + Bald Fade - Men's haircuts

Disconnected Comb Over + Side Part

Disconnected Comb Over + Side Part - Men's Haircuts