Pompadour Hairstyle

The Pompadour hairstyle for men is one 2018’s most trendy haircuts.
Despite the style originating all the way back to 18th century France, the haircut surged in popularity during the 1950s once Elvis began sporting it. As of late, men are requesting the pompadour because of its adaptability and originality.

This traditional hairstyle for men has been given an update with a contemporary spin. It is suitable for casual and formal events alike. You are about to read about the short and long pompadour’s characteristics, along with its variations, such as the undercut pompadour, disconnected pompadour, and the modern pompadour. You will also learn how to obtain a pomp hairstyle and view images for inspiration.

About Pompadours
Pompadour Hairstyle - Men's Haircuts

The pompadour haircut for men features short hair on the back and sides and longer hair on top. Dramatic and voluminous, the hair is lengthiest in the front of the head, which emphasizes the “pomp,” and can be styled in multiple ways. The hair at the back of the head is shorter and resembles the length cropped on the sides and back.

Nowadays, there are several variations of the traditional pompadour to try out. For instance, the pompadour can be styled long or short, faded, disconnected, or with an undercut.

Getting a Pompadour
Pompadour Hairstyle - Men's Haircuts

When you want a pompadour, you should look for images of the style, particularly when you intend to visit a stylist or barber. If you wish, have this page bookmarked so you can show it to the individual cutting your hair. In doing so, he or she will know precisely how your hair should be cut and styled to your liking.

With regards to getting a pompadour cut, the haircut is shockingly simple – thick long hair on the top, short hair on the sides. The top of your hair will be divided up by your barber; the sides will be taper faded to your length specifications. You can request a high skin fade if you want a disconnected pompadour.

Afterward, your hair will be layered at the top by your barber, creating the distinctive short back and long front. Make sure that you have at least a few inches of hair on the top of your head prior to asking for a pompadour, which will make the hairstyle simpler to style.

Pompadour Styling
Pompadour Hairstyle - Men's Haircuts

The look of your pompadour is contingent on how it is styled. Adding hold and volume to your hair will place emphasis on the front’s pomp. The style can be tweaked by separating your hair to the side, rather than combing it right back. To create a pompadour style:

Begin by showering, then dry your hair with a towel. Washed, damp hair will offer you the most optimal base when adding a styling product to it.

Using your fingers, rub some product between your hand to warm it up before lathering it into your hair. Ensure the wax, putty, or pomade is evenly distributed so that it reaches all the hair in the back and front.

Use a comb to brush your hair up and back before blow drying it into a pomp. This process will start with a curved pomp appearance, so make sure that you form the intended height and shape.

To optimize the pomade’s hold and volume, comb your hair from the roots. Style the pomp with a comb to a shape you like. Some parts of your hair can be textured and lifted with your fingers.

Based on the length of your hair, the pomp can be styled between your hands by smoothing it from the front and pushing the pomp up from the back. This can emphasize the actual pomp. Alternatively, concentrate on styling it back (instead of up) for a short pompadour.

Blow dry your hair in place when you get the precise pompadour style you’re looking for.

Pompadour Hairstyling Products
Pompadour Styling - Men's Haircuts

The ideal pomade for your hair is contingent on the amount of hold you require to maintain a pomp, and whether you’re going for a matte or glossy shine. Males with uncontrollable hair will desire a powerful-hold pomade to keep the hair styled throughout the day. Others might need a weaker hold. As a rule of thumb, you’ll need a stronger hold if you have thicker hair.

Both Layrite and Suavetico provide a couple of water-based pomade strengths. Layrite Super Hold and Suavetico Firme are ideal for people who require an all-day-long pomade with the strength to maintain a high hold. The Suavetico Original Hold and Layrite Original are less powerful options, as the medium-hold won’t make your hair stiff. The choice comes down to hair type and your preferences. Each brand will effortlessly wash out in the shower since they both use water-bases.

The Greatest Pompadour Hairstyles

Disconnected Pompadour

Disconnected Pompadour - Men's Haircuts

The haircut exhibits a sharp split between the shorter sides and hair on top, and as such, accentuates the pomp’s height and length. The disconnected pomp tends to be more outgoing and adventurous, although some people are partial to the cohesive and gradual look that comes with a pompadour fade.

Modern Pompadour

Pompadour Fade - Men's Haircuts

The modern pompadour is comprised of a wavy natural pomp instead of the sleek 1950’s-esque pomp. The tousled appearance is fresh and sophisticated, reinventing the high pomp with mild styling that compliments the minimalist hairstyles seen over the years.

Classic Pompadour

Classic Pompadour - Men's Haircuts

Unlike the contemporary version, the traditional pompadour is smoother and sleeker, typically warranting an oil-based or high-shine pomade for a glossy finish.

Undercut Pompadour

Undercut Pompadour - Men's Haircuts

The undercut pompadour provides un-faded buzzed sides. The undercut pomp creates a sharp distinction between the sides and top due to the lack of a taper fade.

Pompadour Fade

Pompadour Fade - Men's Haircuts

As opposed to the undercut, a pompadour fade lets the sides progressively go down, length-wise. Men can pick from numerous fade types, such as the mid, low, high, and bald/skin.

More Pompadour Hairstyles

If you’re looking to be inspired, have a look at our collection of the trendiest Pompadour Hairstyles for men!

Undercut + Textured Pompadour + Skin Fade

Undercut + Textured Pompadour + Skin Fade - Men's Haircuts

Any person who wants to have textured hair along with a skin fade can think about following Undercut + Textured Pompadour + Skin Fade because of its great overall design.

Short Pompadour

Short Pompadour - Men's Haircuts

This is the shorter version of the pompadour hair. It is more appropriate for the individuals who prefer to keep their hair short.

Tall Pompadour + Burst Fade

Tall Pompadour + Burst Fade - Men's Haircuts

If you still want pompadour hair, but you prefer to keep it lengthy, you are encouraged to take a look at this haircut.

Side Part Pompadour

Side Part Pompadour - Men's Haircuts

In this pompadour haircut, there is a unique division on the side. This has enhanced the overall look and feel delivered by the hair.

Pompadour + Flow

Pompadour + Flow - Men's Haircuts

This pompadour haircut delivers a proper flow of hair into the face. It is a unique looking haircut, which is not much popular among people.

Pompadour Fade

Pompadour Fade - Men's Haircuts

Guys who have straight hair and are willing to get a pompadour look will be able to try out this haircut because of its ability to deliver impressive results.

Comb Over Pompadour + Hard Part

Comb Over Pompadour + Hard Part - Men's Haircuts

If you want to get a comb over to pompadour hair, you are strongly encouraged to get your hands on this haircut. It is a great looking design available for you to consider.

Disconnected Pompadour + Skin Fade

Disconnected Pompadour + Skin Fade - Men's Haircuts

This haircut delivers a disconnected look and feel to your face. Hence, people who want to have two different layers on head can try it out.

Pompadour + Waves

Pompadour + Waves - Men's Haircuts

This haircut combines pompadour hair along with waves. Due to this reason, it can be considered as a unique looking and a one of a kind haircut available for you to consider.

Modern Textured Pompadour

 Modern Textured Pompadour - Men's Haircuts

If you want to deliver a modernized look and feel to pompadour hair, you are strongly encouraged to move forward with this haircut.