Undercut Hairstyle

The undercut hairstyle is a renowned contemporary haircut for men.
Undercut styles have increased in popularity as of late, with notable names like Brad Pitt, Justin Timberlake, and David Beckham sporting the hairdo in public. These days, it’s turned into a trendy hairstyle that be worn anytime. In fact, it might be the most popular haircut for men at this very moment.

The variations of undercuts have surged in popularity because of its adaptability and fashionable aspects. As a cut that has been sought after, it’s hardly a shock to learn that multiple versions of the men’s undercut have been seen on everyday folk. From the casual disconnected side swept undercut to the conservative, business style of the slicked back undercut, the variety of styles can be worn for all kinds of events.

Keep reading to find out how to style an undercut, along with information on the greatest undercuts out there! You’ll be floored by all the ways this look can be styled!

About the Undercut Hairstyle
Undercut Hairstyle - Men's Haircuts

As a kind of “long top, short sides” haircut, traditional undercut hair copies the foundation of the quiff and pompadour, and re-purposes them for contemporary times. Rather than a progressive, faded transition towards a long hair on top, the main aspect of the undercut hairstyle is the bold distinction between the voluminous top and shaved sides. Overall, the undercut is a trendy short to medium-length hairstyle that can be integrated with several other haircuts to produce a style of your own.

Optimal Undercut Face Shapes
Undercut Hairstyle - Men's Haircuts

Sadly, the traditional undercut is not for everyone. The stylish men’s haircut has a very smooth form, so males with sharp or angular face shapes (like a diamond or square) are ideal for this look. The hair’s volume on top provides a circular look that offsets and softens the face’s angles.

People with oblong or circular faces will notice that the undercut accentuates the length and width of the face, making the angles too soft. That said, if you find the undercut attractive, give it a shot – you just might be able to pull off a look that others can’t!

Getting the Undercut Hairstyle

Undercut Hairstyle - Men's Haircuts

The undercut is a basic haircut, and most barbers are familiar with the style. Granted, because of the differences in this style, showing a photo to your barber can be practical, particularly if you have a certain design you’re going for. While we don’t suggest a DIY undercut, it is feasible to cut the style on your own using guard settings and clippers.

To achieve the undercut, you will require a minimum of two inches of hair on the top. For a mesmerizing hairstyle with a powerful distinction between the sides and top, select a bold variation (like a #1 on the sides with 3 to 5 inches of length on the top).

Alternatively, you can buzz the sides as short as you desire, or as long with a #3 or #4, based on the length of your hair is on top. Ultimately, there are plenty of options, and the length determines the appearance of the hairstyle.

Styling an Undercut
Undercut Hairstyle - Men's Haircuts

Fortunately, for men who enjoy modifying their hair, the undercut is simple to style. The length on top provides plenty of distinction with regards to styling. For these undercut styles, you’ll require high-quality putty, pomade, or wax, along with a decent comb or brush, and a hairdryer. Such utilities are necessary for providing the undercut with the volume, texture, and height required for a modern and sleek look.

Follow these directions to style the traditional undercut with some volume:

  1. Begin with towel-dried hair that is moderately damp.
  2. Add a small portion of hair product to your hair after rubbing it in your hands first.
  3. Blow dry as you brush or comb upwards. For a comb-over or side part undercut, position the blow dryer to push your hair to the side you wish it to fall on; brush it from the front to back if you want a slick back style.
  4. Run your fingers through your hair to give it a relaxed, natural textured look.

The Slicked Back Undercut

Slicked Back Undercut + Low Skin Fade - Men's Haircuts

The slicked back undercut is a wonderful hairstyle that looks awesome when one wears a suit. Rather than the wavy, voluminous hair of the conventional undercut, it features hair that is combed right back. With regards to texture and height, this is your call. Many men prefer to add some volume to the slicked back style, and some like having their hair straight back and away from their face. Here’s how to achieve the slick back hairstyle that was popular in the 1950s:

  1. Add some product to the hair on top of your head and ensure you lather it in thoroughly for a popular hold.
  2. Blow-dry the front up and back for a slicked back undercut with volume.
  3. For a textured appearance, run your brush or comb through your hair as you blow dry it. Alternatively, apply an extra coat of pomade for a shiny, sleek finish.

If you want a social or professional hairstyle, you can’t go wrong with a slicked back undercut!

Disconnected Undercut

Undercut Hairstyle - Men's Haircuts

The disconnected undercut displays a sharp separation between the long top and shaved sides of the undercut style. If you wish to exhibit this look often, it can further be emphasized with a hard part by having a line shaved along the disconnect. To bypass a crooked line, we suggest getting your barber to cut the hard part.

Alternatively, for disconnected undercut styling, your hair must be combed along the parted line between the sides and top to emphasize the disconnect. Afterward, if you want a side part or slick back haircut, comb your hair angularly or right back.

Side Swept Undercut
Side Swept Undercut - Men's Haircuts

The side swept or side part undercut resembles the slicked back undercut, but is parted to the side, as opposed to being combed right back.  This offers a conservative appearance, which is sophisticated and formal. This side parting adds slightly more fun to the style in comparison to slicked back hair, and it aids in displaying the hair’s length, which must be fairly long for this look. To achieve a side-swept undercut style, do the following:

  1. Add product to washed hair and lather in it in thoroughly.
  2. Afterward, comb all your hair to a single side. For a natural yet messy look, style your hair with your fingers. You can blow dry your hair for a more textured look.
  3. Your bangs can fall to the side of your face or be brushed away for a more powerful side swept appearance.

Undercut Maintenance
Undercut Hairstyle - Men's Haircuts

The male undercut warrants ongoing maintenance since the neat distinction and smooth lines between the sides and top are a big part this look’s success. Whether you’re doing it by yourself at home or getting your barber to it for you, the undercut will need to be touched up every 4 to 6 weeks. The haircut’s upkeep mostly is contingent on having the hair on top of the head trimmed, if needed, and having the sides shaved back down to their initial length (using a good hair clipper).

Fundamental, ongoing upkeep of this look will preserve its freshness for a while. Granted, if you desire more distinctions in the undercut’s length, you can allow it to grow, or ask your barber to shave the sides down without touching the top. Overall, the type of undercut you desire comes down to your preferences, but you’ll have an abundance of options to pick from.

Various Undercut Hairstyles to Experiment With

The various kinds of undercut hairstyles provide an array of options. For inspiration of what your hair is capable of, check out photos of every undercut style. This gallery showcases the greatest long and short undercut haircuts, some of which might be just the right look for your hair.

Side Part UndercutSide Part Undercut - Men's Haircuts

Side Part Undercut - Men's Haircuts

This undercut hair look amazingly great. The sides of the haircut are well trimmed and it has given more prominence towards hair on top of the head.

Disconnected Undercut

Disconnected Undercut - Men's Haircuts

This undercut hairstyle gives out a disconnected look and feel to the individuals. Hence, people who want to have two layers of hair on top of the head will be able to try Disconnected Undercut.

Undercut + Textured Pompadour

Undercut + Textured Pompadour - Men's Haircuts

People who want to have a lot of hair on the front part of the head, but want to have minimal hair on the sides and back can think about trying out Undercut + Textured Pompadour.

Undercut Pompadour

Undercut Pompadour - Men's Haircuts

This is the traditional Undercut Pompadour haircut that is available for you to try out. It can deliver perfect results for the individuals with straight hair.

Side Swept Undercut

Side Swept Undercut - Men's Haircuts

The sides of this haircut are well trimmed and the hair on top of the head is allowed to fall freely. Due to this reason, this haircut has received a lot of attention.

Undercut + Skin Fade

Undercut + Skin Fade - Men's Haircuts

Any person who prefers to get a standard looking skin fade haircut will be able to think about following Undercut + Skin Fade haircut. It can deliver great results to a face with sharp features.

Undercut + Mid Fade

Undercut + Mid Fade - Men's Haircuts

People who are interested in giving more prominence towards the middle part of the face can think about following Undercut + Mid Fade haircut.

Slicked Back Undercut

Slicked Back Undercut - Men's Haircuts

Slicked Back Undercut has become popular among guys with heavy beards. That’s mainly because the haircut has the ability to give more prominence towards the beard.

Undercut + Taper Fade

Undercut Hairstyle - Men's Haircuts

Guys who have full beard on the face and who prefers to have wavy hair falling from the sides of the head will be able to try out Undercut + Taper Fade haircut.

Undercut + Design + Bald Fade

Undercut + Design + Bald Fade - Men's Haircuts

This undercut hairstyle has introduced unique designs to the side of the head, which can deliver a one of a kind feeling to people.