Beard Styles for Black Men

Not only are we talking about haircuts for Black men today, but we’re also diving into the world of beards.
Sporting a hairstyle with a beard has been a widespread trend among Black men for years. In the Black community, this style has been popular for quite some time.

While there are numerous ways for Black men to rock their beards, it’s undeniable that certain haircut and beard styles better complement their hair type, facial features, and skin tone.

So, whether you’re a bearded guy looking to refine your style or someone considering growing a beard for the first time, here are some ideas to help you choose the perfect look.

Best beard styles for black people

We’ve compiled a list of the top beard styles, complete with the perfect hairstyle to match each style and accompanying photos. This wide-ranging selection features everything from a few days’ worth of stubble to thick, long beards that have been growing for years. These styles will serve as inspiration for your next visit to your hairstylist and barber.

The full beard

Beard Styles for Black Men

The full beard for black men is a very common style. Regardless of a person’s ethnicity or skin color, this type of thick beard reinforces the masculine and manly appearance of the black man.
This beard also adapts to all face shapes. It will just be necessary to maintain it with beard oil to keep a soft texture and to keep the beard healthy.

The Goatee

Beard Styles for Black Men

Here we have a style of beard called Barbiche or Goatee.
Very popular with movie stars, it is also a very classic trend and has been a fashion among black men for a very long time.
It is perfect for square-jawed faces and perfect with short hair.
What makes it special is that the beard is just worked around the mouth. We can quote as an example of those who wear this type of beard wonderfully, the actor-singer and composer, Will Smith.

The Mustache

Beard Styles for Black Men

Black men and especially stars like Neyo, Bobby Valentino, Andre 3000 or Jamie Foxx are fans of the mustache.
It gives a very subtle and fresh look to the face. As for its finish, you can have a thick or thin mustache, depending on the desire of its wearer. But it is preferable to shave it off and keep the face clean to keep that fresh look.

Other styles for black men

Many famous personalities are embracing the beard to give their fans ideas. But there are also other haircuts and beard shapes that are very trendy for this year. Here’s a look.

The Short Beard

Beard Styles for Black Men

The short beard is suitable for black and mixed race men. It is perfect with short hair and frizzy hair.
With tattoos, it allows having a confirmed bad-boy style.

The Three-Day Beard

Beard Styles for Black Men

Here, the actor Shemar Moore has a very classy and sexy style with a 3 days beard. This style of beard is well suited for people who like short hair.
For the actor, he has just a little hair on top.
The sides are faded to Skin Fade before having the beard cut to a few millimeters.
The result is very charming and bring out his devastating smile.

The Growing Beard

Beard Styles for Black Men

Here, the beard is shorter than the previous one. We just see very short hairs that look like a shadow on the face.
This is a one night beard also called, incipient beard, which is obtained after about 5 hours of time.
It is ideal with a very short haircut and a bald forehead like here for Omari Hardwick.

Thick beard and Buzz Cut

Beard Styles for Black Men

The full, medium-length and thick beard can also be combined with a “Buzz Cut” haircut. It gives charm and a fresh look to the wearer. Athletes are big fans of this kind of style.

Van Dyke Beard

Beard Styles for Black Men

Here, we adopted the Van Dyke style which is a goatee or goatee a little longer than the classic shape. The spiky and slightly greyed finish gives a lot of charm to the result.

More beard styles

Beard Styles for Black Men

Black men can rock a thick beard with style and elegance, just like this model who has grown his beard out for years to achieve its full and voluminous look. The beard is slightly disconnected, with perfectly traced contours that enhance its appearance. As for the accompanying hairstyle, he’s sporting long dreadlocks gathered in a top knot style on top of his head, with faded sides for a sharp and clean finish.

Beard Styles for Black Men

A full beard and several months old also bring a lot of charm to a black or mixed race man.
On this look, we have wavy hair half-long on the top and very short sides. The tattoos bring a wild and manly look to the model.

Beard Styles for Black Men

We’re still on the topic of thick beards, and this one is a prime example of a perfectly groomed masterpiece. The fine mustache and precisely defined cheek area complement the full beard, giving the model a fresh and elegant look. It’s undeniable that he takes great care of his beard, using top-quality products to maintain its shiny and silky appearance on a daily basis.

Beard Styles for Black Men

A beard can also look badly cut and unkempt as on this model. It fits perfectly with short, slightly curly hair, as well as the fade finish.

Beard Styles for Black Men

Check out this perfect example of the Goatee beard style. The hair is grown only on the contour of the mouth, while the rest of the face is cleanly shaven. This style is perfect for a polished, put-together look and is typically adopted by men with very short hair.

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