Dreadlocks: Style, Creation, and Maintenance

The Cultural Heritage and Appeal of Dreadlocks

When it comes to hairstyles with a striking cultural heritage, dreadlocks surely take the crown. Also known as dreads or locks, this unique hairstyle has become a way to showcase one’s racial or ethnic pride. However, the exotic style has captured the hearts of many, making dreadlocks a widely embraced hairstyle that combines natural beauty with sophistication.

Feeling the urge to try dreadlocks on your short hair? Good news – it’s absolutely possible!

Why Choose Dreadlocks: Embracing the Versatile Style

man with dreadlocks

There are countless reasons to go for dreadlocks:

  1. Versatility: Regardless of your ethnic background – African-American, European, or Asian – anyone with any hair type can have beautiful, natural locks when done correctly.
  2. Styling options: Dreadlocks offer the opportunity to try different styles such as braids, buns, ponytails, and more.

How to Create Dreadlocks on Short Hair

Starting dreads on short hair is recommended, as the locks will grow better over time. Follow these steps to create dreadlocks on your short hair:

  1. Use a Twist Sponge: With a twist sponge, make circular motions until your hair forms small balls. Do this all over your head, creating small circles with a radius of 2 cm. A brush can also be used.
  2. Apply Hair Wax: Apply wax to each hairball formed. Wax helps moisturize and hold the dreads in place.
  3. Dry the Dreadlocks: Allow the dreadlocks to dry for 3 hours.

Wrapping the Locks

  1. Detangle Hair: Detangle hair into 2.5 cm sections. Take small portions of hair and separate them. Repeat this process all over the head.
  2. Moisten and Comb Hair: If your hair is thick, you don’t need to tie each strand with a rubber band or clip. Wet your hair to detangle it more easily. Comb a section of hair with a wooden and horn comb and apply dread cream. Massage your hair with a moisturizing cream for locks.
  3. Use a Fine-Toothed Comb: Use a fine-toothed horn comb and pass it through the hair’s roots. Twist the comb, pulling from the root to the hair’s tip.

Ensure that the hair does not leave the comb’s teeth as you twist. After this process, twist the strand into a small dreadlock. This method allows you to roll even very short strands into dreadlocks.

Create dreadlocks in clear, orderly, horizontal rows. Once this process is complete, move on to another strand until your entire head is covered in locks.

Let your dreadlocks dry for 3 hours, avoiding touching them. Use a hairdryer or hooded dryer for better results and even heat distribution.

Maintaining Short Dreadlocks

Maintaining dreadlocks is similar to daily care for natural curly hair, with some exceptions.

  1. Keep Them Clean: Dust and inappropriate products are the main enemies of your locks. Neglecting proper maintenance can damage your locks and lead to dandruff.
  2. Use Quality Products: Natura Méliss offers an ayurvedic anti-dandruff solid shampoo that keeps your scalp free from dandruff. For detangling hair regrowth at the root, use the ayurvedic detangling shine solid shampoo.
  3. Washing Routine: Wash your locks with a gentle shampoo and a glove at least once a week. Regularly washed locks are less likely to become damaged.
  4. Drying Your Dreads: After washing, dry your dreadlocks using a towel or a hairdryer.

Embrace the Dreadlock Trend with Confidence

man with Dreadlocks

In summary, dreadlocks have become an indispensable, trendy hairstyle in today’s fashion world. Men with short afro hair are especially fond of this style.

If you’re considering joining the dreadlock trend but have doubts, put them aside. With well-done dreadlocks, you’ll be the epitome of style!

Frequently Asked Questions About Dreadlocks

Can I create dreadlocks on very short hair?

Yes, it’s possible to create dreadlocks on very short hair using the method described in this guide.

How often should I wash my dreadlocks?

It’s recommended to wash your dreadlocks at least once a week with a gentle shampoo to maintain cleanliness and prevent damage.

Can I try different styles with my dreadlocks?

Absolutely! Dreadlocks offer various styling options, such as braids, buns, ponytails, and more.

What are the essential maintenance tips for dreadlocks?

To maintain your dreadlocks, make sure to keep them clean, use quality products, establish a regular washing routine, and dry them properly after each wash.

Can people of all ethnic backgrounds wear dreadlocks?

Yes, anyone with any hair type can have beautiful, natural locks when done correctly, regardless of their ethnic background.


Dreadlocks are an iconic, versatile, and culturally rich hairstyle that has gained immense popularity. Whether you have short hair or belong to any ethnic background, this guide provides you with all the necessary information to create, style, and maintain your dreads. Embrace the dreadlock trend and showcase your unique style with confidence!

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