Flat Top Haircut

Similar to the High Top Fade, the Flat Top Haircut became popular in the 1950s. While a flat top hairstyle has a retro-feel, you wouldn’t anticipate seeing such a look in the modern world. However, that doesn’t make it an uncool option.
The silhouette and build of the men’s flat top style are special, and several parts are identical to the awesome haircuts that come with a taper fade. If you’re thinking about getting a flat top fade, this guide will show you how to get one cut and styled, regardless if your hair is curly or straight.

About the Flat Top Haircut

Flat Top Haircut

Because the hair across the top is flat, the haircut is aptly named. The top looks like a rectangle or box, while the sides tend to have a high skin fade based on how high the hair on the top of your head is. As such, the flattop is referred to as the box fade or high top, at times.

While the haircut is more popular for those with straight hair, it is feasible to get a curly flat top if you have the proper styling and cutting products. We encourage you to get a qualified barber to give you a flat top haircut.

Cutting the Flat Top Haircut

Flat Top - Men's haircuts

Many barbershops, particularly ones with older barbers, will understand precisely how to cut a flat top. This classic style’s popularity makes it a simple request, but the hardest aspect of a flat top cut is evening and straightening it out. This will be even more troublesome for people with wavy or curly hair.

To achieve a flat top haircut, clippers on a setting between #1 and #4 will be used to cut the hair on your sides first. We suggest a low or high fade for a contemporary, fresh look. Also, your short shaven hair on the sides will produce a contrast with the top’s longer hair, accentuating your high top.

Afterward, all of your hair will be combed up by the barber. He will then use clippers to have the top trimmed for the flat style. It is vital that the top of the hair is as flat as it can be, so your barber will likely assess your head to make any necessary changes once he is done. Since the flat top fade depends so much on uniformity throughout the hairstyle, it might warrant monthly cuts to maintain the neatness and sharpness of the design.

Flat Top Styling
Flat Top - Men's haircuts

For at-home styling of the fat top, men will require hair wax, pomade, or similar hair product of high-quality. Because black men have special hair needs, black hair might require grease or hair oil. It might be harder to style a curly flat top, so ensure you have a hairdryer and powerful holding product.

Do the following for flat top styling:

  1. Begin with towel-dried, damp hair.
  2. As you push your hair up, lather in a small portion of product.
  3. Brush your comb your hair up and back. If required, a hairdryer can be used to enhance your hold.
  4. The style can be kept neat and sleek with a strong-hold product for those with curly hair.

The Greatest Flat Top Haircuts

Flat top haircuts come with a cool design and awesome look. Since there are various high top hairstyles, we’ve assembled a bevy of short and trendy high top styles to inspire you. Have a look at these super-cool flat top fades prior to visiting your barber!

Classic Flat Top

Classic Flat Top - Men's haircuts

This is the classical flat top haircut. It is popular among guys in every corner of the world, who are looking forward to go ahead with a classic top.

Flat Top + Hi-Lo Skin Fade

Flat Top + Hi-Lo Skin Fade - Men's haircuts

This flat top haircut is paired along with a skin fade. Therefore, it blends perfectly well along with the face of an individual.

Rounded Flat Top

Rounded Flat Top - Men's haircuts
Credit: Dior

If you don’t prefer the squared shape delivered by flat top haircuts, but still prefer to go ahead with a one, you can take a look at the rounded flat top haircut.

Super Designed Flat TopSuper Designed Flat Top - Men's haircuts

The Super Designed Flat Top haircut is specifically designed for the individuals who prefer to be outstanding in a crowd.

Flat Top + Fade

Flat Top + Fade - Men's haircuts

A classic fade has been introduced to this flat top haircut. It looks great to any kind of a face. However, it suits perfectly well to straight hair.

Angled Flat Top + Low Skin Fade

Angled Flat Top + Low Skin Fade - Men's haircuts

Guys with curly hair, who prefer to go ahead with flat top haircuts can think about Angled Flat Top + Low Skin Fade. It also has a unique skin fade.

High Flat TopFlat Top - Men's haircuts

If you want to increase the length of your face along with a flat top haircut, you are encouraged to go forward with the High Flat Top haircut. It looks great on thin faces.

Flat Top + Hard Part Flat Top + Hard Part - Men's haircuts

This haircut differentiates the traditional flat top haircuts. Hence, it is recommended for the individuals who prefer to deliver a unique look and feel to hair.

Military Flat Top

Military Flat Top - Men's haircuts

If you have seen the flat top haircuts followed by military personnel and if you want to follow them, you are encouraged to move forward with this haircut without keeping a doubt in mind.

Flat Top + Mid Skin Fade

Flat Top + Mid Skin Fade - Men's haircuts

This flat top haircut is more appropriate for the individuals who prefer to keep the flat top along with a beard. A differentiation in between the flat top and beard has also been introduced by it.

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