Hard Part Haircut

Sometimes called a line-in or part haircut, the men’s hard part haircut is a contemporary version of the classic side part. As far as cool haircuts go, a shaved-in part provides some fabulous approaches to personalize a style. Since the hard part hairstyle offers a contrast, via a scalp line-in, it can be added to several individual haircuts like the undercut, fade, pompadour, quiff, and comb-over.

In short, fashionable hard-part hair involves accepting a new twist in men’s parted haircuts, while subtly incorporating some old-school trends. To visualize what you would look like with a thick razor line haircut, have a look at our guide at the bottom. We’ve outlined the greatest hard line haircuts for 2018.

About the Hard Part Haircut
Hard Part Haircut - Men's haircuts

Any male can bolster their haircut with a trendy hard part, which is crafted to split your hair into two sections, usually along your hair’s natural part. The part’s thickness is a question of your tastes.

By getting the line shaved into your scalp, the contrast produces a special design that looks amazing with many fades. This strong approach beautifully divides the top from the sides. That said, as an aspect of a hair design’s fade, several males like going with a razor line.

Cutting and Getting a Hard Part
Hard Part Haircut - Men's haircuts

Since shaving a part into your hair warrants careful expertise, we discourage men from trimming a hard part on their own. A qualified barber will be more than happy to do that for you.

All that you require for a cut and hard part is to separate your hair along its natural part line neatly, then follow it back from the forehead. If you’re selecting this line-in look, don’t forget that it warrants regular upkeep; if not maintained, it won’t take long for the part to grow out and disappear.

After locating your natural part (or where you want the part to appear), your barber will use a straightedge razor to make a natural pathway for the sake of dividing the hair. The part’s thickness is your preference, but the cut’s depth will run flush with the scalp.

If this is difficult to explain to your barber, give him an image of the hard part you’re going for.

Hard Part Styling
Hard Part Haircut - Men's haircuts

Since you’ll have longer hair on top and your sides will be faded short, regardless of your part’s thickness, men have the luxury of styling the look of their choice. Therefore, there aren’t any guidelines for hard part styling.

The contrast will be more dramatic the longer the hair on top is kept. It is best to keep the part exposed by styling away from it (i.e., a hard side or comb-over part).

Greatest Hard Part Hairstyles

Because haircuts with side lines are quite trendy, you’ll find several unique hard part styles to be inspired by. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo displays a perfect hard part. He went with the trifecta – a comb-over, an undercut, and a hart part mix.
Cristiano Ronaldo HaircutAn old-school quiff can be achieved with this look, combining a classic hairstyle with a modern touch. Also, a razor part can add to a buzz cut or high skin fade. Lastly, strategically placed lines in your hair can make any hairstyle look cooler.

Trendy Hard Part Haircuts for 2018

All styles return at some point, and the part is what’s popular these days. Fortunately, shaved hard parts have become easy, fashionable looks that many barbers are adept at crafting. Between contemporary and conventional, the men’s hard part is a bold, confident hairstyle that is eye-catching, and complements various hair textures.

Have a look at various hard part haircuts at the bottom if you’re interested in this style!

Comb Over + Thick part

Comb Over + Thick part  - Men's Haircuts

Individuals who prefer to give a thicker look and feel to a traditional comb over will be able to go ahead with this hairstyle. An amazing haircut for men!

Brush Cut + Hi-Lo Fade

Brush Cut + Hi-Lo Fade  - Men's Haircuts

The high fade and low fade of this hair cut are separated clearly from a brush cut. Hence, it is ideal for a person who prefers to have two distinct styles on hair. We love this hairstyle!

Modern Comb Over + High Fade

Modern Comb Over + High Fade  - Men's Haircuts

The traditional comb over has been provided with a modernized look by this haircut. To enhance the look and feel, a high fade has also been introduced.

Undercut + Design

 Undercut + Design - Men's Haircuts

The hair on sides has been provided with a unique and a distinct cut. It is ideal for individuals who are willing to make their hair look unique.

Comb Over Pompadour + Low Skin Fade

Comb Over Pompadour + Low Skin Fade  - Men's Haircuts

If you wonder how a comb over would look like a low skin fade, you can take a look at this. You will definitely be impressed with its appearance.

Buzz Cut + Bald Fade + Hook Part

 Buzz Cut + Bald Fade + Hook Part - Men's Haircuts

Individuals who are willing to get a balder face, along with a unique cut on the front of the head can go ahead and try this out.

Quiff + Hi-Lo Fade

Quiff + Hi-Lo Fade - Men's haircuts

The Quiff + Hi-Lo Fade is more appropriate for the individuals with beard on chin and a thinner face. It has got a low and high fade as well.

Side Part Pompadour + Skin Fade

Side Part Pompadour + Skin Fade  - Men's Haircuts

This is a unique and an impressive haircut because the hair fades out almost to the skin. The same blend can be matched along with the beard as well.

Short Curly Quiff + Long Hard Part

Short Curly Quiff + Long Hard Part - Men's haircuts

Guys with curly hair, and who prefer to keep it short can try out this haircut. It also fades almost to the skin to look great.

Undercut Pompadour + Long Hard Part

Undercut Pompadour + Long Hard Part - Men's haircuts

This is an excellent undercut haircut and it matches perfectly well to the guys who are equipped with bold faces.


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