12 Temple Fade Hairstyles

If you want to try out fade haircuts without making a big change to your hair, try the Temple Fade. This haircut is also known as the Brooklyn fade or the Blow out. This style allows your hair to have very cool details regardless of your hair type.

However, we always wonder, what is the difference between a Temple Fade and a classic fade. The latter is a reference to all types of fade whether it is low, medium or high, but also, Burst Fade and Falling Fade styles. Before, the Temple Fade was limited to the temples. That is, the hairdresser only worked on a small area around the ears to achieve the Temple Fade at the temples.

Today, some changes have been made and we could notice that this haircut is perfect for straight hair, but also, curly hair as well as short and medium-length hair for men. To bring you some ideas of Temple Fade hairstyles, here are 12 haircuts that are very popular at the moment.

1. Temple Fade hairstyle

 Temple Fade hairstyle

This haircut requires just a small detail, but this detail makes all the charm of the style. For this, the Temple Fade must be harmonious with the beard. Just above the temples, we will make sure to cut the hair flush, but also, to the face where the hair regains density.

2. Lines + Fade at temples and neck

Lines + Fade at temples and neck

With a good razor and a little talent it is easy to achieve this fade at the Temple Fade and neck. A haircut that is always stylish.

3. Fade at temples and neck

Fade at temples and neck

Unlike most haircuts where the style is worked all around the neckline, for this look, the fade will only be present at the temples and above the neck.

4. Mid-length hair + Temple Fade

Mid-length hair + Temple Fade

This type of haircut allows to have a smooth back. To achieve this, it is best to combine it with a High Fade. It also allows you to have a fresh look with a short part just around the Temple Fade . This part will tend to be shaved very closely.

5. Temple Fade + parting

Temple Fade + parting

Do you want to have a small parting on the top of your hair, there is nothing easier. This type of fade is perfect on straight hair and the parting will be drawn on the top. It is also possible to replace the parting with a straight line. Other types of hairstyles with parting can be adapted to this type of haircut.

6. Temple Fade + Afro

Temple Fade + Afro
The Brooklyn fade is a classy way to add shape to an afro. With shaved temples, this haircut is the 2017 version of the classic afro.

7. Curly Hair + Twist

Curly Hair + Twist

This haircut is worked by highlighting the style and curls. It is an excellent way to give length to the hair even if it is frizzy. In addition, its strong point is that it can give an effect of long hair with the sides and the top of the temples almost shaved.

8. Temple Fade + Curly Hair

 Temple Fade + Curly Hair

If the hair is curly, but also long, having shaved temples gives freshness to the edges and a cleaner look. It also gives a more modern and trendy look, but in this case, it is better to also work on the fade at the neck.

9. Frohawk


This hairstyle is very popular and very nice to look at the hair of black men. Here we have adopted a Mohawk + Afro haircut, which gives a Frohawk, with a fade that gradually fades to the sides. However, we notice that the fade is mostly accentuated above the temples and does not go around the ears to reach the neck.

10. Mohawk


The crest always gives a unique look to a hairstyle even if you adopt a platinum look like this model. Moreover, the skin color matches perfectly with the rather long lock you have on top. Add to that, the spikiness of the finish.

11. Temple Fade + Beard

Temple Fade + Beard

This haircut is perfect for short hair. For the Temple Fade, you can see that the contours are very clean coupled with a perfect shave that continues to the beard. If you want to change your look with your short hair, we recommend this style.

12. Fade + Pompadour

Fade + Pompadour

If you want something really different, you can adopt this style. Here, the fade part is just limited to the temples. For the top, we have the Pompadour style which gives a mohawk look with a smooth back.

The temple fade is a versatile and stylish haircut that can be adapted to various hair types and lengths. From harmonious blends with beards to trendy afro and curly styles, these 12 popular temple fade hairstyles offer something for everyone. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different looks to find the perfect temple fade that suits your personality and taste. So, go ahead and rock that fresh, modern look with a temple fade that’s uniquely you!

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