The Faux Hawk hairstyle

The faux hawk hairstyle, also known as a fohawk, is a men’s hairstyle trend that is specially adapted for men who have long manes. Moreover, it is an easy haircut to achieve and with which it is possible to work the hair on all its length. It is also possible to choose different styles with this type of cut, as it is possible to choose it for any type of person.

As the name suggests, it is a hairstyle that does not require shaving the top of the head, but rather emphasizing the hair on the top of the head. And to do this, we will create something modern with the hair you already have. Therefore, we will work your hair to be more concentrated in the middle of the head, while keeping a long hair. As for the sides, they will be very short or even shaved.

Many faux hawk styles are worked by stretching the hair upwards to create a crest with one or more spikes that follow the midline of the head. However, there are also those that are done in a more messy way with a short mane.

1. False Hawk + High Fade

The Faux Hawk hairstyle

Shaving both sides of the head may be ideal for the Faux Hawk hairstyle, however, you don’t have to adopt it. On this very cool style, we have the top at the back of the head that is shaved with a haircut that goes down to the neck. On top, the hair is styled so that it has ends that meet right in the center of the head.

2. Faux Hawk with short hair

Faux Hawk with short hair

Here, we play more on the shape than on the height to have an original Faux Hawk. This haircut is easier to complete with hair that is longer at the forehead. The longer part must be worked to bring a little more volume.

3. Faux Hawk + Mid-length hair

Faux Hawk + Mid-length hair

With long to medium hair length, getting the perfect Faux Hawk style means knowing how to add value to the haircut. On this slightly messy look, we turned a classic haircut into a cool, edgy style.

4. Low fade + Faux Hawk

Low fade + Faux Hawk

This haircut is a very short version of the Faux Hawk. It even adopts some mohawk style with a longer part on the center of the head, which goes from the top to the neck. Part of the side is shaved off, but we also shaved the sides a bit to bring a little more detail to the haircut.

5. High Fade + Faux Hawk

High Fade + Faux Hawk

What makes this haircut original is the V-shape at the back of the head and just above the neck. This Faux Hawk haircut gives a fresh look with a slightly spiky top of the head. As for the sides, they are graded with a hard spiky part that completes the look.

6. Faux Hawk for frizzy hair

 Faux Hawk for frizzy hair

Having a fairly wide crest and shaved sides is a popular style for men with short hair as well as people of color. This style brings freshness and allows for a slight layering of both sides, but also, to work a double V finish above the neck.

7. Mohawk + Faux Hawk Hairstyle

Mohawk + Faux Hawk Hairstyle

On this haircut, we can wonder if it is a Mohawk or a Faux Hawk. Indeed, as on a Mohawk, we have a strip of hair on the middle of the head up to the neck and with that, we also have the two sides of the head that are shaved. However, we don’t give the hair on the top any thickness. Instead, we worked to give a modern banana on top with short ends in the back. The result is a combination of the two styles for a very nice haircut and an original look.

8. Messy Faux Hawk

messy faux hawk

With a very cool style, the haircut we have here allows us to have a gradient from the middle of the head. For the top, we have slightly messy hair to have in the end, a Faux Hawk moose that is spiky. This cut is perfect to accentuate the texture of a slightly wavy hair.

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