35 Hair Dye for Men

Most men have a hard time choosing the perfect haircut, we all feel uncomfortable with the change.
You don’t have to have a complicated hairstyle to look your best, because the most awesome haircuts are derived from very simple styles. Since there is an endless choice of styles, it becomes difficult to make an informed decision on what you want to have. To help you in your long search, we have created a list of hairstyles specifically focused on coloring

Here are the 35 most beautiful hair dyes you could try:

1. Fringe styled back + Fade Fringe styled back + Fade

A classic and iconic hairstyle with a long fringe styled backwards and a fade on the sides done with scissors. You will need long hair to achieve this look.

2. Messy textured quiff

Messy textured quiff

This is a modern version of the traditional Quiff hairstyle. We have an original 3-color dye job, with textured hair on top and a High Fade on the sides.

3. Buzz cut

Buzz cut

A very short haircut for men that incorporates a fade. The color works well, without forgetting the contours to sublimate the whole.

4. Undercut


This hairstyle dates back to the Edwardian era. It has become a popular trend this year, as it allows for a variety of diverse designs. It mainly highlights the hair on top, lined with a dye, this haircut will not make you go unnoticed.

5. Messy crop + Creative design

Messy crop + Creative design

Another crazy haircut that is sure to capture the attention of the masses. The messy, textured crop is coupled with an original dye job, all of which is combined with unparalleled creativity, for an incredible result whether you like it or not.

6. FroHawk + Skin Fade to White

FroHawk + Skin Fade to White

Here’s a haircut that is very popular among black and mixed-race men, a Frohawk accompanied by a fade to the sides. Add some color on top for a bright look. A hairstyle we love.

7. Textured Pompadour + Falling Fade

Textured Pompadour + Falling Fade
An incredible Pompadour, a fairly classic haircut, yet one of the most elegant choices for men who want a fade with long textured hair. This haircut highlights the volume of your hair while creating interesting textures on the Pompadour.

8. Pompadour in Textured Side Part

Pompadour in Textured Side Part

If you want to take your Pompadour to the next level, add a Side Part with a color combination that will give that awesome look. Any type of fade works with pompadour haircuts.

9. Pompadour + High Fade

Pompadour + High Fade

The blonde color in the front makes this Pompadour haircut unique for men. You must have long hair in the front to achieve this hairstyle.

10. Spiky Quiff + High Fade Spiky Quiff + High Fade

Here is another really cool hair coloring hairstyle for men that combines the best of both worlds. The High Fade adds elegance to the Spiky Quiff, as it combines an inventive fade with subtle little colored highlights.

11. Buzz cut + Part

Buzz cut + Part

The buzz cut is one of the most popular hairstyles for men who want a low maintenance haircut. The side parting gives any haircut a modern and stylish touch, turning even the dullest hairstyle into a trendy one. The colored top adds an extra touch of style and originality that makes this haircut great.

12. Buzz cut + Skin Fade

Buzz cut + Skin Fade

Make your haircut more visible by adding different dye colors. The purple spots on turquoise background is amazing, coupled with a Skin Fade, the result of this haircut is fascinating.

13. Creative Crop

Creative Crop

This cut is for leaders and not followers because it involves a lot of style, creativity and sass. It gives you the opportunity to be creative and impose your strong personality with style and originality.

14. Textured Crop + High Fade

Textured Crop + High Fade

Here is another version of messy crop that uses a variety of techniques including scissoring to create a textured top, highlighted by the High Fade. The color of this dye is unique and gives a good contrast to the beard.

15. FroHawk + Creative Design

FroHawk + Creative Design

On this hairstyle we can see that the red color of Frohawk works wonderfully when paired with a design on the sides. The High Fade accentuates the style and highlights the colored hair on top, an amazing hairstyle don’t you think?

16. Spiky Quiff + Part

Spiky Quiff + Part

White may seem like a tricky color for most men to wear, but that’s what makes the wearer unique! The spiky quiff works well with medium to medium-length hair. This hairstyle is enhanced with a side parting for an original and stylish result.

17. Disconnected Pompadour + Medium Fade

Disconnected Pompadour + Medium Fade

Have you ever imagined that yellow would suit your Pompadour? It’s a color that doesn’t go unnoticed but will bring your Pompadour to life, with a Skin Fade to white, this combination works like a charm.

18. Textured Crop + Skin Fade to White

Textured Crop + Skin Fade to White

Another amazing haircut, the wavy, textured bangs are gorgeous, sublimated by the dye in the front. The fade in fade out is perfectly done and draws attention to the upper colored hair. A top notch hairstyle.

19. Spiky Crew Cut + High Fade

Spiky Crew Cut + High Fade

A crazy hairstyle but very few people will dare to own it. The hair on top is spiked and dyed red/pink, with the rest of the hair in a fade as well which gives an incredible result as you can judge for yourself.

20. Textured short crop + Medium fade

Textured short crop + Medium fade

Another very interesting haircut with a beautiful drooping Skin Fade. The contours have been worked well and the blonde color works well on the upper strands slanted forward.

21. Spiky Quiff + Design

Spiky Quiff + Design

You’ll look incredibly cool with this completely out of this world haircut. It combines a textured quiff with incredible coloring and a beautiful fade with an original side parting, an inventive hairstyle to assert a strong personality.

22. Crew cut

Crew cut

Another fairly classic hairstyle but with a rather original dye, without doing too much this haircut will make its little effect around you.

23. Textured Quiff + High Fade

Textured Quiff + High Fade

This is another version of the textured quiff that is bursting with creativity and style. The High Fade accentuates this hairstyle by giving it more volume and texture on the top of the head. Any color can be added between the thick top to make you stand out.

24. Two-tone High Top + Design

Two-tone High Top + Design

You will need a large volume of natural hair to achieve this look. This hairstyle was carefully crafted to create the round shape and flat top. The two-tone distinguishes the dye from your natural hair, not to mention perfectly executed contours to sublimate the whole look.

25. Spiky Quiff + Design

Spiky Quiff + Design

Another very pretty quiff with textured dyed hair on top of the head, complemented by a design on the side that comes with a Skin Fade.

26. Textured Quiff Waxed + Part

Textured Quiff Waxed + Part

This beautiful hairstyle combines a textured Quiff with the end of the locks dyed, accompanied by a bleach on the rest of the hair and a parting that allows to sublimate the fade, we love it.

27. Wavy buzz cut + High Fade

Wavy buzz cut + High Fade

Here’s another style that works for any type, whether you have curly or straight hair. A gel or pomade can be used to create waves that will make the color pop even more. The High Fade Skin Fade focuses the attention on the top of the head, not to mention meticulous contouring to top it off.

28. Textured Quiff + Design + Skin Fade

Textured Quiff + Design + Skin Fade

If the other colors and designs we’ve seen previously for quiff cuts haven’t caught your eye, then this haircut should do the trick. The quiff here is beautifully done, with a perfectly executed dye job and an incredibly fine design. A Skin Fade to white and perfectly done contours to sublimate the whole thing, a top-notch hairstyle.

29. Textured Quiff + Creative Fade

Textured Quiff + Creative Fade

One color may not be enough for men who want a haircut that is out of the ordinary. This hairstyle is almost similar to the pompadour, but it stands out with the texture of the colored highlights and its original fade.

30. Buzz cut + Medium fade

Buzz cut + Medium fade

An amazing hair color for men that works great with a disconnected beard. The white hair on top gives you a flashy look in combination with the natural beard color. The buzz cut is perfectly done with just the right amount of fade and contouring.

31. Pompadour + High Fade

Pompadour + High Fade
Any type of bleach works well with the Pompadour as long as you have the right color combination on the top hair. Here we have a Skin Fade that disconnects the beard, a great haircut.

32. Comb over + High Fade

Comb over + High Fade

A hairstyle that is perfect for men in their thirties. A good comb will be mandatory for this haircut because it requires a lot of maintenance.

33. Messy Textured Quiff + High Fade

Messy Textured Quiff + High Fade

You can also choose to have a different version of the textured quiff, as you can see here with messy hair in the front. The fade on the sides highlights the more colorful top and a long beard to achieve your overall look.

34. Long Textured Quiff

Long Textured Quiff

The styles you can achieve with a quiff are endless and this version requires very long strands of hair at the top. This hairstyle is completed with a fade to accentuate the attention on the top of the head, and allows for a disconnected beard. To complete the set we must not forget the contours.

35. Curly Quiff + Part

Curly Quiff + Part

If you want your quiff to be unique, you need to be creative with the design of it. This version combines different colors on top with a stripe that defines the start of the Skin Fade that disconnects the beard, a little killer to try.

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