25 haircuts for men that women love

Most men wonder what kind of haircut women would be interested in. On the other hand, in order to answer this question, women say that they mostly like masculine haircuts, which are not too high maintenance. However, they also want something classy, but rebellious while affirming the man’s personality.

In case you want to pick up a girl or go out with her and want to have an aesthetically pleasing, clean and fashionable haircut, you are advised to take inspiration from the haircuts below.

And although the shape of your face or even your style, your build and your self-confidence play important roles to impress a woman, you should know that the hairstyle is also very important. So, to show off your best side, here are some men’s haircut ideas that women love.
Check them out before you go to your hairdresser and show her the haircut you like.

1. Spiky hair + Fade

Spiky hair + Fade

This haircut is suitable for short hair with slightly spiky ends. For the finishing touches, we adopted a High Fade and a fade at the temple.

2. Comb Over x Undercut

Comb Over x Undercut

Here we have a well styled top with a comb over and an undercut finish. It gives a fresh and cool style.

3. Quiff + Dye

Quiff x Dye

With this style you have a Quiff and a High Fade.
To complete the look we have a silver white dye job.

4. Messy hair + Beard

 Messy hair + Beard

On this haircut, the top is brushed out of order. For the sides, they are short, but not shaved. The finish allows for a good combination with the beard for a very sensual look.

5. Skin Fade + Disconnected Beard

Skin Fade + Disconnected Beard

The hairstyle showcased in this photo features a unique cut where the longest strands of hair are gathered at the top of the forehead. The top section has been skillfully sculpted to create small, stylish spikes, while the sides boast a high fade that’s shaved down to a clean, crisp finish.

6. Long hair + Beard

Long hair + Beard

Perfect for long hair, this haircut gives a manly look with wavy hair and a full beard.

7. Spiky hair + Disconnected beard

Spiky hair + Disconnected beard

If you like your hair short, this hairstyle with spiky ends, is perfect for you. For the finish, we have a High Fade at the temple, combined with a mid-length beard disconnected by the fade.

8. Undercut


The haircut we have here adopts the Undercut greased style styled backwards. The top is quite long and well smoothed back. We added a little texture and volume to the finish.

9. Pompadour + Skin Fade

Pompadour + Skin Fade

The Pompadour haircut is still very popular with women. Here we have a pompadour top and fade sides that let you see the skin from half the head.

10. Messy mid-length hair + Beard

Messy mid-length hair + Beard

The messy style is still very fashionable, and also very popular with women.
With this look, medium-length hair is perfect, accompanied by a beard.

11. Side Part + Medium Fade

Side Part + Medium Fade

This very charming and classy haircut is swept to one side. The finish allows for a fade from the middle of the head.

12. Hair on the side

 Hair on the side

Ideal for long hair, this haircut allows to have short sides and a long and floating top. For the finishing touch, don’t forget the little strand longer than the others that falls on one side.

13. Slicked Back + High Fade

Slicked Back + High Fade

On this haircut, the top is greased towards the back and well flattened. The finish is a High Fade. The little touch of colored hair makes the difference.

14. Textured crop + Dye

Textured crop + Dye

For this style, we have silver colored and well textured hair.
The haircut here, allows for a low fade and white.

15. Quiff + Fade

 Quiff + Fade

For this Quiff hairstyle, we have a High Fade with a small cone on the top.
As for the finish, we added a pointed lock.

16. Side Part + Mid-length hair

Side Part + Mid-length hair

Very classy style with a few days beard, this haircut is perfect for medium-length hair. For the finish, we slightly swept the top on one side of the head.

17. Messy hair + Beard

Messy hair + Beard

A long top with messy hair, this look is perfect with a low fade and a 10 to 15 day beard.

18. Quiff x Spiky hair

Quiff x Spiky hair

Spiky Hair is one of the most popular styles among women.
Here, the top is quite long and well textured, with a High Fade finish that ends in white.

19. Textured hair short on the sides

 Textured hair short on the sides

To look charming without having hair that requires too much maintenance, this haircut is perfect on a straight hair. The fade here is low.

20. Wavy Side Part

Wavy Side Part

Brushed in a way that creates small waves and a sweep to one side, this haircut is ideal for medium-short hair.
Here, the fade ends with a shave above the temple.

21. Comb Over + High Fade

Comb Over + High Fade

Combed to have a voluminous top, we have a finish that allows a line on one side that is clearly visible, on this haircut. The top is also swept to one side.

22. Pompadour + Undercut + Beard

Pompadour + Undercut + Beard

The pompadour also looks good with a fairly long beard and an undercut, as seen on this style.

23. Styled back + Short on the sides

Styled back + Short on the sides

The haircut on this style allows you to have hair that is brushed back while having a good height that is not flattened.
With a few days of beard, you will have a very charming look.

24. Spiky Hair + Skin Fade

Spiky Hair + Skin Fade

Very charming haircut ideal for medium-short hair, this style requires you to have the top and especially, the hair above the forehead, quite long and full. The finish will be pointed at this level and the sides, with a low fade that is shaved above the temple.

25. Comb Over + Undercut + Beard

Comb Over + Undercut + Beard

This haircut allows having a well combed top in Comb Over to one side. The style here, allows to have an original look with an undercut and a beard.

In today’s world, a good haircut is more than just a style statement. It’s a reflection of your personality, attitude, and overall attractiveness. That’s why finding the perfect haircut is essential, especially when it comes to impressing the opposite sex. So, if you’re a guy looking to up your style game, here are 25 haircuts that women absolutely adore.

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