Perfect Beard Style: 42 Trendy Options for All Face Shapes

Men’s beards have been extremely trendy for many years, and men are looking hard for beard styles that would match their haircut or face shape. This is not easy with all the options available, there have never been so many different beard cuts.
In order to trim your beard , it is necessary to educate yourself on the subject, to be able to identify the different haircuts and to know which style of beard will best suit your face.
So, here is a guide that will show you the best beard cuts you could try based on your style or face shape.

Check out this article if you want to know more about the different face shapes.
faces shapes

In this guide we will introduce 42 beard styles, with some details and tips that will help you choose the most suitable beard for you. We will give you a quick description of each style, tell you what personality trait generally stands out in each of these styles, and which face shape each of these beards best fits.

1. The one-day beardThe one-day beard

The day beard is a very short haircut (less than 1 mm) that is very popular with women, many studies have proven. It is a good alternative for men who find the daily razor irritating. To maintain it, you just need to use a quality beard trimmerwith the right shaving head and maintain it every day.
The one-day beard is suitable for cool, confident men with a slightly rebellious temperament around the edges.

The one-day beard works well on men with round, square, or heart-shaped faces.

2. The three-day beard
The three-day beard- Men's Haircut

The 3-day beard is also a very popular style, it is the natural step following the one-day beard. It requires less than a week of beard growth, and similarly, it is a popular beard for women.
It is also a beard that communicates confidence, but beware that if it is not well maintained, the three-day beard may reflect an attempt (without much success) to leave a full beard, which is not the desired effect.

The 3-day beard works particularly well on menwith round, heart-shaped faces.

3. 10-day beard (or short beard)

10-day beard - Men's Haircut

As the name suggests, this style is achieved by letting your beard grow for about 10 days. This beard style exudes a relaxed, bad-ass character, a person who knows what he wants in life and does not care much about appearance, without being sloppy of course.

This style of beard suits almost everyone, but especially men with square or heart-shaped faces.

4. Professional beard
Professional beard - Men's Haircut

The professional beard is a beard that is very popular with people working in companies. It is almost full and covers its entire surface. You will need two weeks to two months to grow it properly, depending on your genetics. Be sure to keep the cheek and neck areas neatly trimmed to maintain the corporate look.
This is a popular beard for people who work in the technology and internet fields.

This style of beard works very well with men with heart-shaped faces because it diverts attention from the pointed chin. It also works well with people with oval faces, but almost all beards work with oval faces.

5. Full beard
Full beard - Men's Haircut

The full beard is a beard style that embodies virility. As the name suggests, you need to let your beard grow all over your face for at least six weeks, without cutting or trimming it, to see what your “full” beard looks like and if this style is for you.
This beard definitely exudes strong virility and confidence.

The full beard suits faces of all shapes, but especially men with heart or diamond-shaped faces.

6. Hollywood beard
Hollywood beard - Men's Haircut

Many Hollywood stars adopted this style of beard at some point in their career, hence the name. To get it, you have to grow your beard and completely cut the sideburns (sideburns or sideburns).
This is a beard style that is very similar to a goatee and defines your jawline.
A vintage beard full of style, which appeals to many men who are fans of 70’s movies.

It is a beard that is particularly suitable for men with a square-shaped face.

7. Short Boxed Beard
Short Boxed Beard - Men's Haircut

The Short Boxed beard is a common beard style in the sports or work world. This style requires regular beard maintenance to be kept neat.
This style of beard gives off a responsible side to its wearer, who likes to get the job done right, it is a beard adopted by many leaders, coaches or team leaders.

This beard style works perfectly with rectangular face shapes.

8. Beard collar
Beard collar - Men's Haircut

The beard collar is a style that has inspired many variations, pairing it with a mustache or goatee, for example, but afficionados will say that the beard collar consists only of a thin line of beard that defines your jawline and passes through your chin.
Some studies show that people who wear the beard collar tend to prefer short-lived relationships to long-lasting romantic ones.

If you have a round face you can adopt this style for which the attention is focused on the chin.

9. Chin curtain beard
Chin curtain beard - Men's Haircut

The chin curtain style is a beard that grows along the jawline and turns into a full beard on the chin.

This beard looks good on men with an oval face but also on those with a broad head.

10. Neck beard
Neck beard - Men's Haircut

This article is not meant to advise you on what beard to wear, but to inform you of the different styles of beards that exist. You should know that this beard does not have a good reputation and is generally abhorrent to women .
It consists of a beard that grows on the neck and nothing should grow above the chin or jawline.

11. Ducktail Beard
Ducktail Beard - Men's Haircut

Fuller than a classic beard, the Ducktail style is a good compromise between a wild and neat beard. The upper part of the beard is short while the lower part is a bit loose, but only up to a certain limit.
The Ducktail style is neat, sophisticated and wild at the same time. Women like men who maintain their style and are manly at the same time.

It is a style that fits perfectly to men with rectangular faces.

12. French Fork Beard
French Fork Beard - Men's Haircut

The French Fork is not easy to achieve but here is the concept: Grow your beard from 7 to 18 cm keeping the length at the cheeks fairly short. Once your beard has reached the desired length, sculpt it into a fork shape.

This is a beard suitable for men with a rectangular head shape who wish to round the edges of their face.

13. Mutton Chops beard
 Mutton Chops beard - Men's Haircut

The Mutton Chops beard is a style that has lasted through the ages and gives a very distinctive look to your face, the sideburns are long (at their maximum) and extend to the corners of the mouth, but are not connected by a mustache or chin stubble.
If you like vintage styles, this beard is for you.
Mutton Chops beard works well with oval faces and is to be avoided if you have a pointed chin.

14. Beard Friendly Mutton Chops
Beard Friendly Mutton Chops - Men's Haircut

The Friendly Mutton Chops isn’t much different from the Mutton Chops style, it just needs one more piece of the puzzle added to it: the mustache. The long sideburns are connected by a mustache as you can see in the illustration.
If you wear the Friendly Mutton Chops beard, it means you’re not afraid to go against convention, so it’s no wonder that many hippies like this style of beard

If you have an oval or rectangular face, the Friendly Mutton Chops will work well for you.

15. Friendly Mutton Chops Beard
Friendly Mutton Chops Beard - Men's Haircut

Let your Mutton Chops grow out again and again and you’ll get the famous Hulihee!
A totally unconventional beard style that is very rare to see these days.

Again and again, the lucky ones who have an oval face will be able to wear this beard to great effect.

16. Yeard Beard
Yeard Beard - Men's Haircut

If the full beard is not enough for you, here is the Yeard, a style of beard that is obtained after a minimum of one year of growth. You don’t have to do much to get it, there is no need to trim or cut it, just let your beard grow and express itself. Beware though, this is not a very recommended beard for the working world.
The Yeard reflects an atypical lifestyle and a brave personality, not everyone can grow a Yeard.

Men with round faces wear this beard best because the purpose is to add length to the lower face.

17. Garibaldi beard
Garibaldi beard - Men's Haircut

The Garibaldi style is similar to the full beard but wider and rounded at the bottom, with a neat mustache to focus attention on the beard.
The Garibaldi reflects a strong, uncompromising personality, a style packed with testosterone.
The Garibaldi style works well with oval and rectangular faces.

18. Verdi Beard
Verdi Beard - Men's Haircut

Once again in the family of full beards, we have the Verdi style, this is a rounded full beard with a stylized mustache. The mustache is the essential differentiating element of the Verdi style.
If you wear the Verdi beard, you probably like to be out of the ordinary, with a little penchant for sophistication.

The Verdi style works well with triangular or heart-shaped faces.

19. Sparrowbeard Sparrowbeard - Men's Haircut

If you’re familiar with the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie saga, you’ll have guessed that this beard style draws its inspiration from Captain Jack Sparrow. This style is a combination of three elements: a beard, a goatee with two braids and a mustache.
Sparrow beard wearers are usually rebellious and free spirits, adventurers at heart, so to speak.

If you have a round or oval face, you can try to adopt this style.

20. Klingon Beard
Klingon Beard - Men's Haircut

This beard style takes its inspiration from the aliens of the same name in the Star Trek series. It is a medium beard while the hair above the upper lip is completely shaved.

If you have a rectangular face, this style will probably suit you.

21. Wolverine Beard
 Wolverine Beard - Men's Haircut

The Wolverine style is a subtle blend of the Sheep Chop style and the full beard.
Wearers of the Wolverine beard generally have a somewhat wild side while remaining very comfortable in traditional social situations. It’s an attention-grabbing beard, but not always obvious to wear in all everyday situations.

If you have a rectangular or oval face, the Wolverine beard will work well for you.

22. Winnfield Beard
Winnfield Beard - Men's Haircut

Combine a horseshoe mustache with long sideburns and you get the Winnfield beard. Samuel L. Jackson’s legendary beard style in the movie Pulp Fiction.

If you have a diamond face, the Winnfield beard will work well for you.

23. Brett beard
Brett beard - Men's Haircut

The Brett beard combines the beard collar and the soul patch (called a mouche in French) in a very distinctive style. No one knows exactly how or why this style came about, but it has achieved varying degrees of popularity throughout the ages and remains popular to this day.

This style of beard is particularly suitable for men with round faces.

24. Dutch beard
Dutch beard - Men's Haircut

If you want to play it old school, then the Dutch beard is for you. It belongs to the family of full beards, long and wide, connected to the sideburns but has no mustache.

If you have a triangular or heart-shaped face, you can try to hide your chin under that full beard.

25. Old Dutch Beard
Old Dutch Beard - Men's Haircut

The Old Dutch beard requires a long, full beard with a square shape and no mustache.

All face types can adopt the Old Dutch but oval faces wear this style of beard better than others.

26. Favorites (or Redheads)
Favorites or Sideburns - Men's Haircut

Sideburns are often underrated, yet make a big difference to your beard or hairstyle, and in general are effective in attracting attention. They should be given special attention in their size and haircut as they will give a significantly different look to your look.
It is a style that has a very rich history and has existed for centuries, at least since the time of Alexander the Great.
In general, men who wear sideburns are good-natured, fun-loving and don’t take things too seriously.

To whom sideburns fit best: Men with an “inverted triangle” face may wear them to draw more attention to their sideburns and mustache. Sideburns also look great on those with rectangular face shapes.

27. Close shaven

Close shaven - Men's Haircut

To be honest, the close shave is more of a choice than a style. Despite all the advantages of having a beard, some men prefer not to have a beard or mustache. And technically speaking, it’s a style that never goes out of style.

This style reveals exactly who you are. If you have a rectangular face, for example, being clean-shaven will highlight every detail of those rectangular aspects.

We’ll now move on to a style that isn’t really a beard and isn’t really a mustache either: the Goatee.

The goatee has gained tremendous popularity in recent years. We now present you with a list of goatee styles.

Defining what exactly constitutes a Goat is a subject that has been open to debate throughout history. Generally speaking, it combines elements of a mustache and a beard while leaving the cheeks closely shaved. Experts generally agree that the name Goat is derived from the long fur found under the chin of the animal of the same name. The Greek mythological god Pan, half man and half goat, is depicted as carrying a Goat. Yes, the goat has been around for a very long time.

28. Classic Goat
Classic Goat - Men's Haircut

When talking about the classical billy goat, it is important to clear up a common misconception. The classic goat and the complete goat are two different things. When most of us think “goatee,” we think of the combination of mustache and chin hair that is worn by a multitude of celebrities, such as Brad Pitt for example.

The “classic” goatee, on the other hand, consists simply of neatly trimmed chin hair. There is no mustache with the classic goatee, and this is its main difference from the full goatee.

Men with round faces can’t go wrong with the Classic Goatee.

29. Full Goatee
Full Goatee - Men's Haircut

As seen earlier, the full goatee is the combination of the classic goatee with a mustache. The mustache follows the contours of the mouth to connect with the hair on the chin.
Many people wear a full goatee and it is difficult to identify a general personality that emerges. Some would say it fits a laid-back, easygoing type of man, while others say it shows a cautious attitude when it comes to facial hair, namely, that they don’t want to wear a full beard, but don’t want a “baby” face either.
The full goatee can also be a good place to start if you’re not sure if a full beard is right for you.

You want to keep hair on your chin if you have a diamond-shaped face, and the full goatee meets that requirement.

30. Goatee + mustache
Goatee + mustache - Men's Haircut

As the name suggests, this style consists of a mustache connected to a goatee. From there it can be transformed into several different styles. But there is no doubt that it is a classic style.
The goatee and mustache man is open to experimentation. He likes to find out what style of beard works best for him, and that goatee may just be the first step toward an entirely different style. He may feel that his clean-shaven face isn’t masculine enough (ah, the curse of the “baby” face) and that adding a goatee and mustache will bring out the manly beast in him.

The goatee and mustache are ideal for men with square faces, who prefer to avoid a full beard.

31. Anchor-shaped beard
Anchor-shaped beard

The anchor-shaped beard gets its name from its shape reminiscent of boat equipment. It is created by combining a beard along the jawline with a well-groomed pencil mustache and a soul patch ( or fly) that extends to the chin hair.

The anchor beard works well with round and triangular faces.

32. Enlarged goatee
Enlarged goatee - Men's Haircut

Not to be confused with the Hollywood beard which strongly resembles it, the expanded goatee is rather a mustache that extends to the beard and slightly over the jawline, but has no sideburns.

This beard style works great if you have a rectangular shaped face.

33. Goatee + Beard Collar
Goatee + Beard Collar - Men's Haircut

This beard style is simply the combination of the two styles seen earlier, the beard collar and the goatee. It is a style that requires rigorous maintenance but the result is worth it.

This style is a great choice if you have a long/rectangular face.

34. Goatee + Handlebar mustache
Goatee + Handlebar mustache - Men's Haircut

A beard style perfectly defined by its name, a handlebar mustache combined with a goatee

This beard style works well if you have a rectangular shaped face.

35. Goatee

Goatee - Men's Haircut

The Barbiche is characterized by long hair on the chin that does not extend beyond the corners of the mouth.

If you have a round face, you can use the Barbiche to draw attention to your chin, but it also works well with other face shapes.

36. Handlebar mustache + Barbiche
Handlebar mustache + Barbiche

This style combines a handlebar mustache with a Barbiche. A style that was very appreciated by Emperor Napoleon III.

A good style to try for men with square or diamond-shaped faces 461].

37. Little Goat
Little Goat - Men's Haircut

This type of Goatee starts just below the lips and extends slightly wide at the chin as you can see in the illustration. Let your normal Goatee grow for a few weeks before transforming it into a Small Goatee.

For men with a square face, this goatee is for you.

38. Goat Patch
Goat Patch - Men's Haircut

The Goat Patch consists of a “strip” of beard hair starting under the mouth and extending to the chin, a sort of Flybeard on steroids.

The Goat Patch works well with most faces, but diamond-shaped or triangular faces are perfect for this style.

39. Flybeard
Flybeard - Men's Haircut

There is so much to say about such a small piece of hair. The fly beard – which consists of just a little hair under the mouth – generates two reactions: people either love it or hate it. The Soul Patch also has a rich history. Its roots go back at least to the 1940s when jazz aficionados roamed the earth (or at least the United States). Jazz musician Dizzy Gillespie made the style famous – then the Flybeard went into hibernation for a few decades before reappearing in the late 20th century.

The flybeard slightly lengthens the appearance of round faces.

40. Balbo beard
Balbo beard - Men's Haircut

The Balbo beard style is composed of three parts: A mustache and a fly beard combined with a chin beard.
The Balbo has a fascist past (it was invented by Mussolini’s former henchman Italo Balbo), but style and politics need not be confused. Although, when you think about it, few people wear a Hitler-style mustache, for obvious reasons.
Wearers of the Balbo style are bold, elegant and confident. And if that weren’t enough, it’s a style that many women find sexy.

The Balbo works great for men with square, diamond-shaped faces.

41. Van Dyke beard

Van Dyke beard - Men's Haircut
The Van Dyke is a retro yet modern style of beard. The traditional Van Dyke consists of a short pointed beard and a mustache. The rest of the face is clean shaven. In the example, the mustache is in a handlebar to spice things up.
If you wear a Van Dyke, you may be the type who likes things traditional, especially when they can be incorporated into modern society. You have a bit of a rebellious streak in you and are confident in your appearance.

Men with long faces or pointed chins wear the Van Dyke very well because it makes the chin more rounded.

42. Beard collar and mustache

Beard collar and mustache - Men's Haircut

The beard collar and mustache is a style that was very common among American rappers in the early 2000s. It consists of a thin beard collar going around the jaw and mouth connecting the mustache.
A style very appreciated by US rap stars like Fat Joe, 50 cent or the singer Craig David.

This style is a good choice for men with round faces because it narrows the face on the sides and makes it look slightly longer.


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