20 Classic Haircuts Modernized

Retro styles are back. Indeed, if we look at the look of today’s youth, we see that they adopt styles of bygone eras. Slicked Back, Pompadours or even loose bangs, we can all see them.
In this article, we share with you 20 of these most popular haircuts with a retro style.
However, we can also see that there is a slight evolution on these haircuts. Indeed, many stylists are working on men’s haircuts in a more complex way like very short fade haircuts on the sides with a well textured style on the top.

Discover through these images how modern hairdressers and stylists have worked the retro with some updates. With these haircuts, you have classic styles combined with a modern twist.

20. Skin Fade to White + Slicked Back

Skin Fade to White + Slicked Back

This style is one of the most popular haircuts right now. This haircut is perfect for someone who had long hair before going to the hairdresser. The result is a Undercut haircut with long hair on top and a very short haircut on the sides.

We can also make an update of this style. Indeed, instead of having a Combover on top that requires maintenance with specific products, we will have hair that will be brushed at the back following a certain texture. However, the top will not adopt the Pompadour style.

19. Mid-length hair cut with scissorsMid-length hair cut with scissors

In 2017, one of the trends for men’s haircuts is to have on top a haircut with longer hair than on the sides.
This very classic style of hair in a man, requires a medium length of hair and especially very smooth hair. This style emphasizes the sex appeal of the man.
To keep its particularity, this haircut must be always very neat at the back while the hair on top is styled in waves. This gives them volume while allowing a fringe to be created naturally on one side.

18. Long on top + Short on the sides

Long on top + Short on the sides

This haircut is once again a true classic. It adopts a long haircut on top and very short on the sides. In the back, we have a vintage style worked in a more modern way. It is another version of the very popular haircut Pompadour. The haircut has also been worked to have a fairly consistent height.

17. Skin Fade to White + Undercut

 Skin Fade to White + Undercut

In the 90s, music had a very soft and slow pace and pioneers like Nirvana had very long hair. Nowadays, young people mostly adopt short or long/short haircuts. Like this very cool haircut where the hair is long on top and faded on the sides. On top, the hair is slightly wavy for a cool style and a slightly messy texture.

16. Long bangs styled back

Long bangs styled back

While having a haircut with a mid-length top is nice, having them even longer is even better. This haircut is very trendy at the moment. The top is for this, long, and the back, very smooth. For the sides, we will opt for a light medium fade.
As for the hair on top, it is combed back adding small waves for style.

15. Big banana

Big banana

This other haircut version was also a hit in 2016. Here, we worked on the banana of very thick hair that, when styling, have as a result, vertical hair that rises like a wall.

14. Pompadour + Twist

 Pompadour + Twist

In this style, we have even more raised hair than before. With this unique haircut, we have a big banana on one side and a totally different haircut on the other. On the side where we worked the pump, the hair is separated and worked separately to create this atypical vertical wave. The result is probably not the look we will adopt on a daily basis, but it gives a different look to stand out from the others.

13. Rockabilly + Skin Fade

Rockabilly + Skin Fade

Inspired by the style of “Grease”, this haircut was shaped to have, literally, a wave on top.

12. Natural mid-length hair

Natural mid-length hair
This style highlights the top and beard in a bright red color. The fade sides blend perfectly with the skin and keep it looking fresh and clean all the time. In addition, the stylist added a texture to have medium-length and smooth hair allowing to have a beautiful movement of the whole. It also gives to have a natural silky touch for the finish.
Touching up the beard and styling the straight hair back is a softer but equally elegant way to achieve this style.

11. Pompadour + Fade

Pompadour + Fade

There are different ways to work a fade. On this style we have taken care to emphasize the volume and thickness of the hair. On the top, the hair is very smooth and gently combed to the finish. To get this look and keep it, you will need to use a hair dryer.

10. Classic haircut

Classic haircut

One of the most classic haircuts in a man is this style with a very smooth top worked to have a Rockabilly look. The Skin Fade to white keeps it looking very fresh at all times.

9. Slicked Back dry look

Slicked Back dry look

Another look in the Slicked back genre with dry hair. We have a perfectly executed Skin Fade back as well as a V-shaped styling on the temple that gives character to the hairstyle, subtly but effectively.

8. High Fade + Modernized Pompadour

High Fade + Modernized Pompadour

This type of haircut is a modernized Pompadour that was born in the 90s.It’s coming back into fashion with a new freshness.What distinguishes it from the 90s version is its somewhat dry style with slightly curved ends, but straight edges.
In order to achieve this look, it is necessary to use a blow dryer. The hairdresser must also master this device perfectly to achieve the haircut.

7. Parting + Combover

Parting + Combover

This haircut is also a classic in the genre, but with a very modern touch. The sides are cut to the root, we also worked the edges with a razor. For the top, we have long hair with a slight fade at the temples.

6. Pompadour

This modern Pompadour has a very clean look. You can see that the hair is worked to have an almost vertical direction in the front and slightly brushed to end up completely flat in the back. To showcase this style, it is necessary to always have a clean, loose haircut. In addition, a Skin Fade to white will eliminate the hair around the neck.

5. Pompadour short disconnected

Pompadour short disconnected

This haircut allows to have a result with a consequent height and a short length. The parting in the middle of the head allows to disconnect the Pompadour and to start the fade. A very interesting haircut.

4. Extreme banana

Extreme banana

This haircut, with its extreme banana, allows to have hair with a very consequent height at the level of the forehead, with a set that forms an arc until the back of the head. In addition, the fade on the sides is white to focus attention on the incredible banana

3. Slicked Back + Wet and Dry Hair

Slicked Back + Wet and Dry Hair

This haircut rejuvenates the Slicked Back style with a combination of wet and dry.For this, the top is combed all the way back with a little wax. The side is also combed to the back, but taking care to have visible lines. For this, a comb with larger and more widely spaced teeth will be needed.

2. Undercut + Long fringe

 Undercut + Long fringe

This haircut made of an expertly worked fade is perfect for very short hair. This cool style contrasts perfectly with the slightly messy texture of the bangs and the fade that gives a blurred effect on the sides. To separate the top from the sides, we have a small but very effective parting.

1. Shaded gradient

Shaded gradient

If the above haircuts are not enough to give dimension to the hair, we recommend this style. This haircut keeps the hair with a very high density on top before gradually shrinking down with an unexpected and original fade, a shaded gradient, the result is excellent.

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