How to take care of your beard

As you know, the beard is in fashion, back from the depths of history, more trendy than ever among men.
The beard is chic and defines the look. It allows you to play with your image depending on the type of haircut you adopt.

The beard is a true attribute of beauty, a weapon of seduction that must be cared for and pampered to keep it silky and clean. Like women who take care of their makeup, a beard needs care and attention, and you should not neglect your beard.

In this article, we will see together how to maintain your beard easily and effectively.

1. Wash your beard
Wash your beard

Yes, a beard, just like your hair, needs to be cared for and washed. It is exposed to the environment, to dust, to microbes in the air, but also to your hands that like to caress it from time to time ;-). The little pet peeve of every man who proudly wears his beard…

Beard hair has a similar texture to your hair, but its location on the face requires the use of special products for washing. Therefore, it is better not to use the soap you use for your hands, which can dry out or even damage the skin on your face and, at the same time, your beard. As for the shampoo you use for your hair, it is not suitable for daily use. You can use it occasionally in the shower, but we recommend that you use a special beard shampoo.

To apply the shampoo, use your fingers in a circular motion to work the product into the skin under the beard. Leave on for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly, preferably with lukewarm water, as hot water can not only damage your skin but also weaken your beard hairs. If you have a beard that tends to curl, slightly cooler water will tend to discipline it.

Dry your beard well with a towel, patting it gently. If you have a long and thick beard, you can use a hair dryer. Be careful to keep the dryer far enough away from your hair to avoid drying it out or even burning it.

You can wash your beard every day, but we recommend 3 to 4 times a week. Washing too often can also weaken your beard hairs.

2. Moisturize your face and beard
Moisturize your face and beard

A beautiful beard covers the skin and even hides skin imperfections. However, this does not mean that you can forget to take care of it. The skin of your face is sensitive and it is even more fragile during the passage of clippers and / or razor, its maintenance is important. Moisturizing the skin of your face is important because it allows your skin to stay healthy, thus promoting the beauty of your beard hair at the same time.

If you have a short beard, you can use a moisturizing balm. Apply it all over your face and massage it in well to avoid leaving any cream residue on your beard.

If you have a longer beard, it’s best to use a beard oil. Put a few drops of oil in your hands and spread it evenly over your hands before applying to your face. Massage it into your skin.

Don’t forget to apply it all over your face and neck, as the skin needs to be nourished even when it’s not covered with hair.

If you have sensitive skin, use soothing moisturizing balms or special aftershave balms (without alcohol!) to soothe redness in shaved areas.

3. Brush your beard
Brush your beard

Many men forget that beards need to be brushed just like your hair. However, it’s not a good idea to use the same comb or brush you use for your hair because beard hairs don’t behave or hold up the same way. With a plastic comb, you risk doubling the volume of your beard due to static electricity. A horn comb will not have the same effect. You may also prefer a beard brush if you have a longer beard. Natural bristles are also preferable. The brush is very useful for detangling and smoothing the beard, but also for removing dead skin.

Brushing the skin stimulates sebum production by toning the skin and preventing it from drying out.

Brush your beard in the direction of hair growth so as not to damage it. You can take the opportunity to massage more or less firmly, as this will stimulate the growth of hair.

4. Nourish your beard
Nourish your beard

To moisturize your beard, whether it is short or long, you can use a special beard oil. Beard oil protects the hair, prevents itching, and makes the hair softer and more supple.
Choose one that contains vegetable oils: castor oil to strengthen the hair, sweet almond oil, argan oil, or grapeseed oil. Choose a pure vegetable oil or a blend of oils, like Horace Beard Oils. They are also lightly scented, which makes the application even more pleasant. If you have a very short beard of only a few days, you can moisturize your beard with your usual moisturizer. A cream, preferably a little liquid so that it does not show in the hair.

5. Scrub your face
Scrub your face

Maybe these words make you smile, thinking that you are not a woman who needs cosmetic care… Well, you should know that facial cleansing is just as important and it is certainly not a question of gender.

We recommend exfoliating your face once a week, preferably in the morning or evening before shaving. Why should you do this? Simply because such an operation allows you to cleanse your skin in depth, eliminating the impurities that your face has accumulated over the days…. In addition, unlike women’s faces, your face is more exposed because the beard attracts more dust by trapping it, as well as dead skin.
In addition to external pollution and climatic aggressions, the production of sebum and perspiration make your face more fragile… As for exfoliation, it is important to know that it softens the beard hairs and makes shaving easier, which is why it is recommended to do it before shaving.

The purpose of exfoliation is simple and logical: the pores of your face become clogged with all the impurities we have been talking about, blackheads can appear, sometimes even pimples. Your complexion loses its vitality, becomes dull and blurred. The main action of exfoliating products is to “sandblast” the skin with microparticles that encourage the release of impurities from the skin’s pores. Massaging the face with your fingers using these products allows for this deep cleansing.

Another benefit of exfoliation that may be of interest to you is that it prevents the formation of ingrown hairs on shaved areas. It also participates in the evacuation of blackheads by reducing the risk of infection under the skin. Sanitizing your facial skin actually allows you to renew it without weakening it. The texture of your facial skin is refined because the pores are tightened.

You will be surprised and delighted… to find that your skin is softer and smoother after a scrub, and that the hairs of your beard are softer.

How to make a scrub?

For exfoliation, you can use a special exfoliating soap for beards. This operation is carried out mainly on the areas to be shaved. We advise you to do it under the shower, because it is much easier and more practical, especially if you have a full beard that needs to be rinsed thoroughly.

First, wash your face with warm water. Then apply your skincare product to damp skin. Gently exfoliate in circular motions without rubbing for 2 to 3 minutes. Focus on the central part of your face, especially your chin, nose and forehead. Avoid the area around the eyes as the skin is very delicate. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm or even cold water if you can tolerate it, as the effect will be all the more invigorating and refreshing.

Finally, don’t forget to moisturize your entire face after exfoliation to take full advantage of the benefits of exfoliation and to prolong its effects.

6. Trim your beard properly
Trim your beard properly

Now we come to a more delicate but unavoidable phase, because it is necessary to trim the beard, even if we think that there is no need for the other treatments…. (a misconception, by the way, because the previous steps are not just manners or misplaced coquetry!)

Unless you want to have Robinson Crusoe’s dirty, scraggly beard, which he didn’t choose on purpose, we all need to trim our beards.

If you’re already a beard enthusiast, you know that a three-day beard is not the same as an anchor beard or a goatee. Each type of beard requires a specific type of trimming. Let’s take a look at the basic principles of beard trimming.

The right tools to trim your beard

In fact, you can’t trim your beard with a simple razor. Or rather, you can, but the result will certainly not be what you expect. To trim your beard properly, you need the right tools. The choice is yours, because there is a wide range of tools available. There is no secret to finding out which ones suit you best, you just have to try them out. Of course, you should not buy the whole set, but you should not hesitate to test. At the barber’s to start with, but also with your friends who wear beards.

Here are the main tools for trimming your beard:

  1. The Trimmer: The Beard Trimmer is a must-have for trimming your beard to the desired height. With its easily adjustable cutting heights, you can trim your beard pretty easily once you get the hang of it. Because yes, I’m not going to hide the fact that if you’re a beginner, there’s a good chance you won’t get the haircut you want the first time. This is certainly no reason to give up on growing a beard, or to spend a fortune going to the barber every morning! To help you out, there are several types of clippers that are tailored to the length of your beard.
    Follow our guide to find out which is the best beard trimmer to buy for your needs.
  2. The beard comb or brush: as advised in our article above, choose a horn comb or boar hair brush. The comb is an essential tool for thinning the beard and mustache, combined with the beard trimmer or even scissors.
  3. The shavette: a very practical tool for shaping the contours of your beard with great precision.

Preparing and trimming your beard

Step 1: Preparation

As we have seen in the previous sections, it is important to prepare the skin of your face and the hairs of your beard for shaving. This operation will greatly limit the aggression of your beard, but also of the epidermis of your face.

Step 2 : Thicken

To trim a short to medium beard, use a high shoe to remove all of the beard. Don’t hesitate to use several strokes to ensure an even cut.

Step 3: The contours

After determining the areas to be shaved, remove the shoe and shave from the bottom up, outlining the cheeks, then the neck.

Step 4: The finishing touches

You can finish with a shave after cleaning your face, then applying oil and possibly shaving gel.
You will have understood, to have a beautiful beard, the shaving and the size are not enough, the care have as much their importance.

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