15 hairstyles for short hair

If you love short hair and want to achieve the perfect haircut, there are various haircut styles that can suit your hair.

Indeed, there are several ways to cut a man’s short hair, requiring minimal maintenance. To avoid monotony, it’s essential to style the top differently each time.

1. Short Hair + Undercut

Short Hair + Undercut

This cut features a short length and height on top. It gives a clean and fresh look. For finishing, hair wax is added to create a good texture. The top is styled to create a messy, cooler appearance.

2. Sharp Edges + High Fade

Sharp Edges + High Fade

This cut with a high fade combined with perfectly tailored edges is currently trendy among men. It suits black hair perfectly. For this look, there’s no need to create a specific style; the cut should be clean. However, to maintain freshness, frequent visits to a barber are necessary.

3. Short Comb Over + Skin Fade

Short Comb Over + Skin Fade

This cut is a modernized version of the “side part” style. It’s perfect for men with thick hair. The resulting hairstyle is minimalist, but the final result is excellent.

4. Spiky Hair + Low Fade

Spiky Hair + Low Fade

The current trend for most men is short haircuts with some texture on top. In this cut, a volumizing product is necessary. Avoid pinching the ends when detangling. For finishing, there’s a low fade that ends with a close shave just above the ears.

5. Crop + Skin Fade

Crop + Skin Fade

The Crop style is popular among men, especially in Europe and the UK. This style offers a blunt fringe look. The top hair is styled to create a nice overlay and a beautiful finish thanks to a high skin fade.

6. Buzz Cut + Edges

Buzz Cut + Edges

With the Buzz Cut, it’s essential for the barber to work on the edges for a more rock and trendy style. Behind the head, there’s no fade descending towards the neck.

7. Short Pompadour

Short Pompadour

In 2022, the faded cut with a pompadour was one of the most popular men’s hairstyles. In this style, the shaved sides contrast perfectly with the significant volume on top. This version is shorter than classic Pompadours, but much easier to maintain and style.

8. Short Haircut + Mid Fade

Short Haircut + Mid Fade

This cut allows for a well-executed fade. The fade starting from the middle of the head provides a fresh finish and a distinctive look compared to generic styles.

9. Long on Top + Skin Fade

Long on Top + Skin Fade

This cut, with shaved sides and a voluminous, relatively long top, offers excellent contrast and a fresh finish. It’s the perfect choice for men who don’t visit the barber frequently and aren’t used to styling their hair.

10. Quiff + Skin Fade

Quiff + Skin Fade

This style allows for longer hair on top to provide style and volume for a more modern finish. This cut can also be combed over for a more classic and discreet look.

11. Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Layered haircuts can be styled to create various shapes. They are also easily styled. This type of cut improves hair texture, giving it a longer appearance.

12. Small Spikes + Fade

Small Spikes + Fade

This cut may be short and clean, but it can still be stylish. To achieve this, work the hair with wax and spread it with your fingers to create textured spikes.

13. Military Cut + High Fade + Beard

Military Cut + High Fade + Beard

The updated military cut is highly appreciated by the current generation of men. The cut has very short sides with a longer top. In this example, the barber has shaped the fade to form an arc above the ears down to the neck.

14. Curly Hair + Fade

Curly Hair + Fade

Ideal for men with curly hair, this cut helps keep curls in place and ensures they don’t let you down.

15. Long on Top + Short Sides

Long on Top + Short Sides

This cut is another perfect style for men with thick hair. It’s a relatively short haircut, easy to wear and can be adopted long-term, while allowing for various styles.

In conclusion, there are numerous stylish and low-maintenance short hairstyles for men that cater to various hair types, textures, and personal preferences. Whether you’re looking for a classic, edgy, or trendy look, there’s a haircut that will suit your needs. These short haircuts not only offer a fresh and modern appearance but also make it easy for you to switch up your style as desired.

With options like the Undercut, High Fade, Skin Fade, or even the updated Military Cut, you can achieve a distinctive and eye-catching look. Remember to consult with your barber to find the perfect short haircut that complements your face shape, hair type, and lifestyle. So, go ahead and experiment with these trendy short hairstyles to find the one that best expresses your personality and style.

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