How to Take Care of a Beard

This is a topic that entirely focuses on men. Most of them might think that growing and maintaining beard requires just little attention. That is entirely not the case, beards should be treated the same as the hair growing on top of your head. Once you have grown your beards and decided to keep them, then you need proper beard care in order to keep them neat and good looking. Think of all the things that you do to your hair and do the same to your beards. You can follow the below provided tips for taking care of your beard and you will have an awesome beard for life.

1. Have a beard style

People have different shapes of the face and this is what determines the style of beard to choose. Another thing is while some people grow a lot of hair on the face others simply grow very little. It all depends on the genetics. In order to take proper care of your beard, you therefore need to have a style in mind that best suits you.
Also, take into consideration on which part of the face are you able to grow most hair before coming up with a style. In this case, a professional barber can offer some advice on how to choose a style that will properly define the shape of your face.

2. Have the right tools at hand
Use the right tools for your beard

An ideal beard goes hand in hand with proper tools that are used to maintain and keep it conventional. There are various tools ranging from beard trimmers, scissors, combs and even brushes.
Trimmers work best on a short beard or one that is not so thick. However, there are trimmers that you can simply adjust to enable shaving of longer beards. When using a trimmer you need to take time and be extra careful to avoid serious cuts.
If you don’t like trimmers, then opt for scissors to cut out the loose ends on your beard. The only drawback with scissors is that you end up using so much time as compared to trimmers. Choose tools that offer you convenience and ease of use.

3. Establish a routine
Have a routine for your beard

Caring for a beard requires time and commitment in order to have it looking sharp. Get a specific time where you carry out all your beard care and maintenance activities.
It can be in the morning, evening or on the weekends only ensure to stick to the chosen specific time. You cannot randomly pick a time or day to do the maintenance.
In case you have a busy schedule, try to choose a beard style that is simple and only needs less time when taking care of it. This will make it easy to establish a routine that is manageable to you and which you won’t have to skip out on.

4. Wash it
wash your beard

Just like your hair and other parts of your body, the beard too needs to be kept clean. Wash it regularly at least three to four times a week to get rid of dirt and oils that might have accumulated on it. When cleaning the beard, avoid using just regular soap on it. The best thing to do is get a beard shampoo especially one with natural ingredients and use it to wash the beard. Also, it is critical to be careful about the choice of beard shampoo you choose, as some are either too strong or have an unpleasant smell. After washing your beard, have a clean towel with you to thoroughly dry it and remove the excess water.

5. Use a conditioner
Beard conditioner

Conditioning the beard is always important especially if it’s long. It keeps the hairs soft and shiny. There are lots of beard conditioners to choose from that are suitable just for you. Use the beard conditioner right after washing it with shampoo. It will work to prevent the hairs from drying out and making you feel uncomfortable. There is nothing as bad and annoying as a dry and flaky looking beard. On the other hand, a soft and well-kept beard adds several points to your overall appearance. Therefore, always ensure that you do not skip the conditioner.

6. Oil it
Oil your beard

Keeping your beard soft and attractive doesn’t just end with conditioning, you have to oil it too. One of the most dreaded things in men with beards is dandruff. When you don’t oil your beard then the skin underneath the hairs is likely to develop beard dandruff. This can be avoided altogether by oiling it each time after washing and conditioning. Furthermore, a good beard oil will work efficiently to moisturize both the skin and the hairs. Keep in mind to go for beard oils that only have natural extracts or ingredients and a pleasant smell. It won’t be nice if the people around you are irritated by the unpleasant smell of the beard oil you used. Additionally, when applying the oil ensure to use your hands to spread and massage it until it gets to reach beneath the hairs. Some people end up applying the oil just on the hairs and leave out the skin.

7. Trim your beard
Trim your beard

Regularly trimming a beard is a vital part of its maintenance. In order to keep your beard looking good and in proper shape then trimming is a must.
In this case, everyone has their own preference of the shape and size of the beard they want when trimming. This is mostly done because hairs tend to grow out of shape or some growing longer than the other. You can do your trimming either using a pair of scissors or some good quality trimmers. Stand in front of a mirror and do the trimming carefully to avoid cutting out your skin. Ensure that the hair is back in shape and the length is uniform. Trimming should be done at least on weekly basis.

8. Don’t forget to disinfect
Disinfect your beard

Beards are close to both the mouth and nose. This makes them sometimes carriers of all sorts of bacteria. For instance, if you happen to have a flu and you keep sneezing, definitely all that bacteria ends up landing on your beards.
To keep it healthy, use beard products that can also work to disinfect it and kill any bacteria that may be present on it. You can opt to go for a beard shampoo that is also antibacterial. This will ensure that you not only clean the beard but also keep it free from germs and bacteria.

9. Brush your beard
Brush your beard

We all brush our hair to keep it neat and remove tangles that may have formed on it. The same goes for any beard. The secret to a well-kept and good looking beard is brushing most especially if it’s a long one. In addition, brushing boosts the circulation of blood in the skin underlying the beard therefore helping to keep it healthy and vibrant. At first you can use a comb, so that if there are tangles you are able to remove them with ease. Once the tangles are out, you can now use a clean brush on it. An important point to note is to always brush your beard every single day. It should actually be part of your daily routine.

10. Maintain a healthy diet
Healthy diet

One of the secrets of having the best looking beard is a balanced diet. Ensure to eat only the healthy foods and get rid of those that don’t add much value to your body. It is also wise to include fruits and vegetables in your diet on regular basis. These will provide you with all the vitamins and nutrients required for healthy growth of hair.
The truth is, when you take a balanced diet it reflects on the outside through a radiant and healthy skin. Since the skin is where the hair grow out from, when it’s healthy this definitely means it will impact positively on the growth and health of the hair. In addition, omega 3 fatty acids are good for both the skin and growth of hair.
Therefore, consider making fish and other foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids part of your diet. If you drink, limit your alcohol intake or avoid it altogether. Alcohol when taken in excess tends to bring about dehydration in the body and this can in turn dry out your beard.

11. Sleep
Sleep to care for your bead

The amount of sleep you get can actually contribute to the growth and overall appearance of your beard. According to some studies done, it is proven that when you get enough sleep your beard grows healthy and fast. Therefore, a great looking beard comes with good quality sleep. Enough sleep should be for at least eight hours every night. If you find it difficult sleeping well at night try taking a warm shower just before you go to bed.

12. Let it be
Man with beard

By this I don’t mean you should neglect your beard. What I mean by letting it be is that you should refrain from constantly touching your beard.
Most of the time the hands carry dirt and bacteria. If you keep touching your beard, all of the dirt and germs on your hands are left on it. Besides, this only makes the beard look unkempt if you do it too much. Also, if you want to keep your beard clean and groomed learn how to eat without leaving some food on it. This may be a bit difficult for some people, but the trick is not to eat in a hurry. Take your time and ensure to take small bites. This will prevent food from sticking on your beard especially the area close to the mouth.

13. Use the right products
Beard oil

The skin underlying the beard can be sensitive. That is why the products you use on your beard such as shampoos, beard balm and oils should contain the right ingredients. What is applied on the beard eventually will end up on the skin. Some products can cause irritation and itching on the skin beneath. Others may clog the skin pores and make it uncomfortable to maintain beard. The best thing to do is being super cautious about the ingredients and extracts in each product. Mostly go for products that have natural ingredients in them.

14. Don’t mind the itch
Itchy beard

Growing a beard may not be as easy as you might have expected. It gets very itchy when you are growing it for the first time.
Since this can be extremely uncomfortable, most people simply give up and end up shaving it. However, if your goal is getting a fully grown and good looking beard then you should be able to hold on. In the end it will be worth it and the itchy feeling goes away after some few weeks.

15. Use an aftershave
Use an aftershave

An aftershave should always be applied each time after shaving your beard when getting it back in shape.
Go for an aftershave that both smells good and is friendly to your skin. The scent should not be so strong. The good thing about applying an aftershave is it serves to sterilize the just shaved area.

16. Know the right beard line
Beard line

Beard lines are what differentiates a well kempt beard from a funny looking one. It can be quite tricky to establish a proper beard line. However, with the right information and practice it should be something easy. The one case that you have to use a trimmer is around your neckline. It is recommendable that you at least trim your neckline once in a week. There are several guides available on how to trim your neckline but the most recommended one is easy. Take your two finger and put them on Adams apple. The top finger is your limit. You should trim your beard to the top finger.

Always ensure your beard looks good. Do not let them look shaggy and untidy. This will make them look awkward and make you look careless. However, each beard is different and therefore each requires a custom care.