Pomade Instructions For Your Hairstyle - Men's haircut

This guide will come in handy if you’re not familiar with Pomade application. Since many cool haircuts for men warrant some kind of hairstyling product, determining the proper approach for pomade application is important. If these pomade hairstyles warrant hold, volume, or texture, we will show how much product to use.

Once you read this detailed guide, you’ll understand precisely how to use pomade to create a slicked-backed pompadour, spiky, comb-over or quaff hairstyle.

About Pomade
Pomade - Men's haircut

The greatest men’s hair products are known as “pomades,” but what does that mean?

In the past, pomades were oiled-based products used by men since they gave hair a shiny, slick appearance. However, oil-based pomades are difficult to get out of your hair and can stimulate acne. Today’s quality pomades are water-based.

There are many formulas to choose from when it comes to water-soluble pomades. They allow men to style their hair with various finishes and holds. Water-based products are available from brands like Layrite, Suavecito, Baxter of California, Imperial Barber, American Crew, and Uppercut.

Pomade Types

When purchasing pomade, the water vs. oil choice isn’t the only thing to think about. As mentioned earlier, various kinds of pomades provide medium-to-strong holds, contain clay or wax ingredients, and offer moderate matte to high shines.

Overall, high volume hairstyles and thick hair will warrant a firm-hold pomade. Loose styles for thin or fine hair can be achieved with medium or low holds. American Crew Fiber is recommended for styling textured hair.

Use Pomade on Dry or Wet Hair?
Pomade https://www.menshairstyletrends.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/how-to-apply-pomade-adh-wet-dry-e1476562773360.jpg

Should pomade be applied to dry or wet hair? Many pomades should be applied to damp, towel-dried hair, as opposed to hair that is totally wet or dry. A moderate amount of moisture will permit balanced distribution of the product, particularly for men with wavy or curly hair.

Wet hair causes the product to clump strands together, while dry hair absorbs too many strands. However, some pomades must be used directly on dry or wet hair, so be sure to review the directions before applying the product.

You also need to think about the look you’re going for: a matte, textured finish, or a high shine finish. For textured hairstyles, pomade should be applied to dry hair.

Amount of Pomade to Use

With regards to pomade usage amounts, there is no universal answer. Although we advise using a small amount and adding more as required, several hairstyles will warrant more product, especially for men with thick hair.

In the end, it’s simpler to add more pomade to hair than it is to take out, so begin with a small amount that fits in the middle of your fingertip. Afterward, rub the wax into your fingers and palms to coat your hands with the product.

Pomade Application
Pomade - Men's haircut

For proper pomade application, the product will need to be warmed by rubbing your hands together, as mentioned before. To style your hair with pomade, follow these instructions:

Using both hands, rub the pomade all over your hair, not just a single area. After the pomade is distributed evenly in your hair, begin crafting the hairstyle you’re going for.

For a slicked-back look, use a comb or your fingers in a front-to-back motion over and over again. Begin brushing your hair to the side after finding a natural part if you’re going for a comb-over or side part. The hair should be pulled up right from the roots for a spiked look. Texture with your fingers or use comb for messy styles.

For additional volume and hold, men might want to think about blow-drying their hair in place. Several males like to use a blow dryer, post-pomade application. Others prefer to dry their hair after styling.

Ultimately, there’s no correct or incorrect approach to pomade application. If pomade is a useful product for your hair, then keep using it a way that works best for you.


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